Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Okra plants in pots, both red and green, at my front garden. Planted these plants almost two months ago.

Harvested the okras. I steamed these with a dash of salt. Really sweet!

Happy Gardening!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Belimbing And Some Mint Yumminess!

Seven months since I cut the belimbing tree at the main stem,  now it has grown tall and is flowering again. I am missing the fruits, thinking of sambal tumis with belimbing lately! Even the nasi lemak seller in the market whom I have given some fruits before, was asking for the fruits. Soon, there will be enough to share.

The flowers are growing and spotted them popping in small clusters all over the branches. So happy!

Very soon, I will have some fruits in my sambal tumis. Couldn't wait!

My pot of mint plant. Got to cut the stems as they are getting long and lanky! 

Harvested the leaves and what to do with these much leaves?

Fresh Mint Ice Cream with Fudge Ripple! Yummy!

Make some yummy Fresh Mint Ice Cream of course! I swirl it with some Chocolate Fudge Ripple. If you would like the recipe, come over to my kitchen, just click here. The Fudge Ripple can be omitted and you will have just Fresh Mint Ice Cream. The flavour of the mint is fabulous and the smell is wonderful! This is one delicious, really creamy ice cream. Waiting for the next batch of Mint harvest now! :)  

I think I'm gonna plant another pot of Mint Plant!  I just love Mint Leaves! Do you?

Happy Gardening !