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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some updates on my backyard potted garden

The Belimbing Tree, growing lush and full of leaves and new branches. 

Belimbing fruits hidden by the leaves, it is like looking for treasures. Got to push away the leaves to find the hidden treasure!

They even grow in the narrow space between the trunks. Can you see the two snails behind the fruits?

Their peace, quite and really dark home momentarily disturbed by the sudden light!

Sawtooth coriander, the first flower spotted on 7th February, a little over a month later, look at how much flowers they have grown.

Radish! I only have one plant! Wonder when is the right time to harvest?

The flower of the French Bean plant has got a little company.

Happy Gardening !

Thursday, December 2, 2010

French Beans, Ladies Fingers and Belimbing Fruit

My french beans are flowering and there's two tiny beans growing!


Harvesting The Ladies Fingers ! I just love these plants, they are really easy to grow and are fast producing too!


My ever favourite, belimbing tree! More fruits, my sis came to stay for a week and took back with her a bag of belimbing fruits, there's more on the tree!

Happy Gardening !

Friday, October 22, 2010

Shoe Rack, What Are You Doing In My Garden?

The shoe rack replied, "I'm not wanted where I'm supposed to be, where else can I be, except be a friend to whoever needs a friend, you can always lean on me!" 

This extra piece of shoe rack has been in my mini store for ages! Finally put it to good use! Two of my french beans are happily creeping towards the shoe rack supported by two bamboo sticks.  This 'handiwork' was done by my dear hubby. 

Do you know what that is?  Well.... it is our very old TV aerial!  It has been on the roof for years!  Ever since Astro was installed years ago, this aerial has "ceased operation"!  Almost two months ago, our Astro has gone ga-ga, the Astro guys came to repair and told them to bring it down. Hubby wanted to dispose of it, but I have better use for it!  Ha! Ha!  Hubby modified it for me and ta...da... I have a sturdy  plant stake!  On the left, another french bean plant is making its way up and to the right is the bitter gourd plant. Never realise that I like an aerial so much!

OK, time for some harvest!

My little harvest of nai pak. Too little to stir-fry, so goes into my yong-tau-foo noodles. Very crunchy and good! The rest of the nai pak, eaten by snails and the culprit below!

The flat grasshopper.  I do not know what it is called, but I think flat grasshopper seems suitable!

Another harvest :

 Belimbing! I pickled these! Yummy!

The extremely hot weather turns the leaves yellow real fast!  It's like having autumn in my backyard, which can be very irritating! The leaves keep dropping even as I sweep! But I am being rewarded with lots of fruits. Gave some to my sisters and neighbours. Look at the bird's nest. It is still up there after so many months!  There are no birds now, but really amazing, this nest can withstand strong heavy rain and sometimes very windy days too! I hope that the birds will be back to their "delivery nursery" soon.

Happy Gardening !