Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weed or Vegetable?

Found these plants in one of my pots and have no idea what they are! A couple of months ago, I threw in a handful of seeds, and have thrown away the empty packet, now I could not recall the seeds of which veggie that I sowed. Or maybe those seeds did not germinate and these are weeds instead?  They do look like weeds to me.

If you are familiar with this plant, could you please enlightened me? The closest that I've found out when I googled for more info is this one plant, called Plaintain Weed, from here. Could this be one of the species of Plaintain Weed?  If it is then I have a treasure in my pot, as this weed, Plaintain Weed has remedial properties. Until I know what these plants are, they will remain as they are in the pot for the time being.   If anyone should know or recognize this plant, would appreciate if you could share! Thank you!

Happy Gardening!