Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chinese Kai Lan

I sowed lots of Kai Lan seeds a few months ago. Many seedlings grew and only one make it to harvest! Most the young seedlings are eaten by snails and some of them died from the scorching heat. This is the first time that I've grew Kai Lan and am not sure when is the right time to harvest! 

 Chinese Kai Lan, photo taken back in August 2012

Photo taken back in August 2012

 Harvested on 26th October 2012, homegrown organic Kai Lan, it's a beauty!
The leaves are firm, green and really fresh looking. I decided to harvest the plant as the bottom stalk is getting too long and the roots has grown sideways since I've planted it in a styrofoam container which is not deep enough, and it seems the right time to harvest.

Since it grows extremely well, I'll be getting some new seeds soon to try growing Kai Lan again. I stir-fried the leaves with some cabbages since it is not much. I half expected it to be slighter bitter like the ones that I sometimes buy from the market, but to my surprise it was crunchy and not bitter at all. Pesticide and fungicide free!


Friday, November 2, 2012

Beautiful Flower of The Turmeric Plant

I just love the smell of the turmeric leaves, extremely fragrant when cooked in dishes, used one whole leave when I cooked some chicken serai last week, so "wangi", (fragrant!).

Back in February, after I harvested my turmeric, I replanted the turmeric root with a young plant growing...well, here it is now.....

This plant was showing signs of wilting and I almost pulled it out a couple of months ago, but thought I'll wait a month or so, luckily I waited, it somehow decided to sprung back to life and is growing well now. Even reward me with a beautiful flower!
Photo : 23/10/2012

 Photo : 23/10/2012

 Photo : 26/10/2012

 Photo : 26/10/2012

 Photo : 26/10/2012
In just a matter of three days, the small yellow flowers are visible throughout, each in a pocket of its own! Beautiful!

 Photo : 26/10/2012

Photo : 26/10/2012

Just the flowers for the time being, it is not the time to harvest the turmeric rhizomes, as the rhizomes are not fully grown yet, I took a peek by gently digging the soil around it, no sign of big fat rhizomes! Usually it will take about a year before the rhizomes are matured enough to be harvested. Once the rhizomes have grown to a substantial size, it can be harvested partially by just cutting part of the rhizomes needed instead of harvesting the whole plant. Another indication that it is ready to be harvested is when the leaves starts to turn yellow and the stems are showing signs of drying.