Sunday, July 22, 2012

White Radish

Harvested two of my Radish plants a couple of weeks ago.

See the little snail under the leaf on the left? There are dozens of small snails like these that have been feasting on my new little radish seedlings! Especially, since it has been raining lately, they are everywhere, really a garden pest!

These radishes are a couple of months old, harvested them before they gets old and hardy.

 Nice! I made some radish kuih. But these are not enough, I bought a few from the market to add on!

Most of my new radish seedlings have been eaten by the snails. I removed the snails, there are less now, but I do see them again and again!

Happy Gardening !


  1. Saya pula belum bernasib baik dgn lobak putih... Teringinnya makan lobak putih garden sendiri.

  2. I have no luck with radish. They grow with very small tuber or none at all....sigh...

  3. You have a good harvest of radish. I have never grown radish in my garden before. I have been picking snails too. I think they came from the 'organic' fertilizer for my roses. After I pick the snails, Snails had destroyed a few of my lovely zinnia plants and sunflower seedlings too, so I dumped them outside my compound but they then gobbled up my creeping daisies :(

  4. Oh yes, I have give you an award. Please feel free to visit my blog to pick them! ;)

    1. Hi Malar,
      Thank you for the award! I am unable to go into your blog, it shows "Malware" detected from this site "" that links to your website!!
      Thank you, will drop by and pick up the award another day!

  5. Great to see nice round straight radish. I have grown small red radish before..., a quicker!

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  7. I just scrolled through your gardens and enjoyed the visual photos very much:) Great gardening skills you have.

  8. Radish kuih apa? Sounds yummy.
    I have similar problem at the moment too with snails ravishing our new radish seedlings.

  9. Wow, I'm inspired to try planting radish. My only problem is that my dwarf banana tress are taking too much space in the vegetable plot.

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  11. Hi Joyce, I'm sorry about that last comment. Somehow I messed it up!!! Anyway, your radishes are awesome!!! I've never grown them myself but I would love to try one day. I always worry they won't grown straight like my carrots always do, lol...all crooked:)

    I was wondering, are the snails eating the plants from the base of the plant? If they are, you might want to try putting some broken egg shells around the base. Snails and worms don't like crawling over scratchy things. Their little tummies get all scratched up. You can try light gravel or rocks too. If the snails are eating the leaves, you might want to try making a garlic like smoothie to spray on them. Throw some garlic in the blender, add some water and whip it up. Strain it good, put it in a spray bottle and spray the leaves. It works pretty good on rose bushes too and no, they won't smell like garlic for long:) I've heard people sometimes add a bit of oil to the solution to make it stick but I never do. Planting garlic around roses is suppose to be good too. Aphids apparently don't like garlic!!! Hope this helps, sorry about the comment mix-op. It's been another long day:)

    Have fun in the garden and thank you so much for sharing...Good Luck!

  12. Hi Joy, I admire your work in the garden! You have a real green thumb! Thanks for visiting my new site on wp. It's been a royal pain in the behind making the change. I'll let you know when I've finally got my site looking better and get my readers back in action.

  13. I'm starting to grow radish and your post here inspire me even more!

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