Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chinese Kai Lan

I sowed lots of Kai Lan seeds a few months ago. Many seedlings grew and only one make it to harvest! Most the young seedlings are eaten by snails and some of them died from the scorching heat. This is the first time that I've grew Kai Lan and am not sure when is the right time to harvest! 

 Chinese Kai Lan, photo taken back in August 2012

Photo taken back in August 2012

 Harvested on 26th October 2012, homegrown organic Kai Lan, it's a beauty!
The leaves are firm, green and really fresh looking. I decided to harvest the plant as the bottom stalk is getting too long and the roots has grown sideways since I've planted it in a styrofoam container which is not deep enough, and it seems the right time to harvest.

Since it grows extremely well, I'll be getting some new seeds soon to try growing Kai Lan again. I stir-fried the leaves with some cabbages since it is not much. I half expected it to be slighter bitter like the ones that I sometimes buy from the market, but to my surprise it was crunchy and not bitter at all. Pesticide and fungicide free!



  1. suburnya kailan ni... kalau boleh, kongsikan jenis tanah dan baja yang digunakan.. saya selalu fail bila tanam kailan...

    1. Hi shafirul, I used the soil already premixed with compost, bought from the nursery and some organic fertilizer, that's all. This is my first kai lan too! Hahaha, and only 1 plant! Hopefully I have better luck with more plants next time!
      Happy Gardening!

  2. A nice bunch to enjoy. The snails left some !

  3. Wow that's a beautiful kai lan! The other day I was with a gardener who grew some vege in her garden. Her kai lan didn't quite look like yours. Yours are 'fat' hehe... Maybe is a different type. And Kitchen Flavours, good job!!

  4. Joy Joy , u make me want to plant the Kai Lan too haha... the leaf so big and look healthy.

  5. Hi, it seems like we are growing Kai Lan at the same time.. :) I am harvesting mine too although I pick them at the young stage.. check out my post.

  6. I have yet to have any success with kailan here in Japan... have tried with seeds bought from Msia... envy your good looking plants...

  7. This is really healthy Kai Lan. Mine is so thin! hahaha....

  8. Masak kailan ikan masin are you?

  9. I should really try planting vegetables :)

  10. The next time you harvest Kailan, cut the stem 3 inches above ground. The new shoots will grow then and you'll be able to harvest them later.

    There's one photo of Kailan harvested this way in my blog:

  11. Good harvest of kailan! I have been wanting to plant kailan for years, just haven't started yet, maybe this year :)

    Happy New Year 2013 to you and family!