Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I bought a young pomegranate plant about 8 months ago from a local nursery. The plant is about 18" tall at that time and now it has grown to more than 4 feet tall. Wow, it grew really fast. And I was really surprised to find about 6 flower buds growing at the tip of the branches a few weeks ago, something which I did not expect at all, as I was expecting it to flower maybe at least for another 6 months or so.

One of the flower buds

The sepal is starting to open.

This ant is really busy, it kept going round the bud in circles, wonder if they ever get dizzy???

Two days later, the sepal has opened and the petals are blooming.

The little ant it still here!

The bright orange colour of the flowers are really beautiful.

 Two days later, the flower did not seem to reach full bloom. Or is it normal? No idea, first time growing pomegranate.

The petals are dropping and the stamens are visible. The next day, it dropped off onto the ground. And this circle happens to all six flowers. I was really disappointed as I was looking forward to my first pomegranate fruit. This led me to google for information and found out that it is a normal cycle for the pomegranate young tree to flower for the first 2 to 3 years before they bear any real fruit. The flowers or fruits would dropped during the first few years of growth, as it is preparing itself to mature into healthy fruit-bearing plants.

Well, that was about three weeks ago. Now, there are about a dozen new flower buds on the little tree.

This time, some of the flower buds are appearing along the length of the branches instead of only at the tip of the branches, and ...

a cluster of buds at the end of the branch. 

Will the buds have full blooms this time round, and perhaps with a fruit or two, or is this another round of only blooms? I'm waiting patiently to find out.

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  1. I have some pomegranates also! Our first tree is several years old and was a "volunteer". We got two misshaped pomegranates off of it last year - hoping for larger and "normal" fruit this year. We also bought two pomegranates at the nursery last year and have those in pots. They will be planted at our future homestead in the fall. Aren't those flowers lovely? The hummingbirds in our neighborhood seem to like them a lot! Here's to a good crop and some pomegranate jelly!

  2. Hi Joyce! Wow, looks like your pomegranate is doing very well! My dad used to have one in our garden back in Kuala Terengganu. I remember being so impressed with the pretty flowers. I plucked one and got a good scolding from my dad hah..hah...I was in secondary school then. I think that plant did fruit but not many. I must check the next time I go home and see if the plant is still there. Maybe can get a cutting to bring to my house hah...hah...I do hope you get to harvest some pomegranate fruits and be sure to show it to us!

  3. It is so surprising kan how fast pomegranate can grow :) .

  4. This is so interesting!! What beautiful flowers!

  5. The flowers are so lovely in orange colour! Hope you get good fruits to eat! ;)

  6. How cool is that! I love your pomegranate tree, the orange flowers are so bright and pretty. I look forward to your post when the tree bears fruit!

  7. Wow, yours grow so fast. I have been growing three varieties of pomegranate black, red and white in pots three years ago from online nursery. But I haven't find both flower and fruit on the trees yet. I don't know why.
    BTW your blog is so interesting. It's so much pleasure to follow your garden progress.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. beautiful Joyce. Hubby bought a pomegranate too! and I would happy if next year I have somones What is better Joyce? plant it to the sun or not? Here in the summe ris hot!

  9. I hope the flowers will develop into fruits soon. Perhaps the heavy rain disturbed the process... Anyway, thanks for documenting the process in pics and sharing them. I enjoyed reading this post :-D

  10. I used to have a bush but I chopped it down when I frequently got pricked by its vicious thorns!

  11. So beautiful, so nice!
    Thank for those photos.

  12. Great documentary of this flower. I love being able to watch it grow and open up. I have some flowers like these in my garden pots. I love them. Thanks for sharing!

    Wayne Deer | http://www.watergardenworld.com.au/garden-products

  13. Feel so happy when your plant flower and fruit so fast!