Friday, September 11, 2015

What's growing in my potted garden

Here are some of the veggies which I'm growing right now in my garden pots and containers :

Cilantro, my favourite, I have two containers of these fragrant herb.

Dwarf Nai Pak

Sweet Baby Corn

White Icicle Radish

Daikon (Chinese Radish), sharing the same container with the White Icicle

Clemson Spineless Green Okra, just beginning to flower.

French Breakfast Radish...only one seed germinated, out the 6 seeds I sowed. I transplanted the little seedling in the same pot with the Okra, and it is growing really well, the Okra too. These two seems to be very good companions.


Broccoli, it is taking forever for the broccoli head to appear. So far nothing yet, and it has been about 9 to 10 months! Will it ever grow the head?

Raab Rapini Broccoli.  Despite its name, it is actually the same family of turnips. It will grow many small florets with long stems. First time I'm growing these and is curious whether it can grow in our hot weather. So far the plants look healthy, but I have not seen any florets yet.

Pomegranate, local variety. There are 5 fruits growing right now, and a few flowers have dropped off after a heavy rain.

Will update on the progress of these plants!! 

Happy Gardening !


  1. Your vegetables are so lush, so thrive! All looks grow so healthy. Your pomegranate makes me jealous, I've grown three varieties of pomegranate, but I haven't find the fruit yet. I don't know what should I do.

  2. Hi Joyce! Your plants are doing so well! I love cilantro but I have not been successful in planting them :(

  3. Joyce, your vege look so good! You're really tending them well in potted garden! ;)

  4. Oh wow! I am amazed by your pot of cilantro. The seeds I bought didn't germinate :-( Must try again. Thank you for showing all these beautiful veggies. Happy gardening edibles!

  5. I am new to this blog....I love gardening...your veggies look really healthy..In my garden I have an assortment of plants..curry leaves, mint, betel leaves..trying to grow other types!

  6. The cabbage looks like Collard Green plants I am growing at home in pots next to the kitchen sink. I harvest the biggest leaves every 2 months and leave some leaves to allow it to grow more leaves. How does the taste of coriander compare to the sawtooth coriander? I would love to try sawtooth coriander if I can buy it from a plant nursery. Keep up the gardening and feasting. :) - Gek from Singapore.

  7. You can plant papaya trees that are easy to live and require little care. They're healthy and delicious food.

  8. Hi!!! SAW your potted garden link while scrolling down your kitchen flavours blog :) . So far my tiny garden has got herbs want to grow some veges what would you recommend, ?