Thursday, February 25, 2016

Canton Pak Choy

Harvested some Canton Pak Choy (seeds from My Lestary Seeds). These are easy to grow. Some  of my plants are eaten up by snails, but managed to harvest enough for a stir-fry. Very nice, crunchy and fresh. 

 Canton Pak Choy

 Canton Pack Choy 

 More Chinese Spinach (Amaranth). Love this veggie! This goes into our noodle soup for dinner.

More cucumber. One of the plants dried up after I came back from CNY holidays. Am left with one plant. I sowed some seeds and now there are two new seedlings.

Happy Gardening !


  1. Oh Joyce! Just look at that darling cucumber just waiting to be plucked! I'm sorry you lost one plant. Cucumbers need lots of water.

    I have a suggestion for you to get rid of the snails. I'm not sure it work but you might think about it. Put a pie plate (low sides) by the plant and put some stale beer in it. The snails will go for the tin plate.

    I'm sorry you don't have luck with cabbage growing. I have found cabbage likes to grow in cooler weather. It also needs lots and lots of water. Maybe you should try growing it at the end of your Summer months. Good Luck, Joyce...and thanks for sharing...

  2. Joyce the pak choy look so fresh! What you cook? I will go to your another blog to find out the menu! ;)

  3. Joyce, you have such a bountiful harvest from your garden! I wish I had more time to spend in the garden.