Friday, March 24, 2017

Fig In A Pot

Nothing much is growing in my potted garden for the past few months, "abandoned" due to some reasons. My pots are mostly thriving with weeds instead of veggies! Finally cleared some of the pots to rid of the weeds, but there are lots more to do, like getting rid of some unwanted containers and reorganize everything, it is pretty messy right now! The rainy season is not helping either! So, meanwhile, here's my fig tree grown in a pot. This little tree was gifted to me by my sisters more than two years ago. Right now there are more than 80 fruits, big smile! It has been fruiting all this while, but never as many fruits as this before. My one wish is that the fruits will ripen at the same time! I usually harvest only one or two fruits at a time, and wish that there were more. 😊

Fig plants was not easy to find a few years ago. Due to the popular demand for fig plants, they are now available at most nurseries. There are many different varieties, I was drooling over some of the varieties, but they will have to wait, as the plants are really very costly. 

Happy Gardening!


  1. Wow, Joyce! I love your fig plant! So many fruits! I love eating dried figs. I wonder if the fresh ones are nice too.

  2. So many figs, wow! Hope that they will ripen soon. Btw re weeds, they grow so easily, I really hate them ^w^

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  4. may i know where to get the blue color stakes for your figs?tqvm