Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sometimes I wonder why??

I don't know what I'm going to do with the kai choy veggies.  There are only about half a dozen left.  It is too bitter to be eaten, I guess that I have to take a drive to the Bukit Jalil pond and feed to the hundreds of tortoises there!  I wonder whether the tortoises will eat this bitter stuff!  If they are hungry enough, I think they probably would.  

I will need the containers for my other veggies soon, I hope they won't turn out bitter since I'll be using the same soil.  Maybe I should mix with some fresh soil.  Someone told me that if you use the same soil that was used to grow bitter gourd, then most likely your veggies will have a slight bitter taste.  Is it true?  Any explanation on this?  The kai choy was grown totally on new soil, so no relation there!  


My beautiful, perfect corn, photo taken in June.

My beautiful corn, photo taken in July

A close-up shot of the beautiful corn, after all, one photo is not enough!

Once upon a time, long, long, ago, there was a beautiful corn......  who doesn't like the month of August!

What happened ????****????,  Beats me.....!!!

What might have been.... Sigh.....
My sister planted two of this beauties, and they turned out exactly like mine!   Any of you familiar with growing corns?   Any pointers?


This is my pathetic chili plant no. 1

The two last chilies from this plant.  This plant was pruned and being sent to the corner for misbehaving badly! He! He!   I can see new leaves are growing!  Keeping my fingers crossed!

This is another pathetic chili plant no. 2

There are no. 3 and 4, need I say more?  Figure it out yourself.   I have come to the conclusion that I am a jinx with chili plants.  Never succeeded in growing a healthy plant full of chilies before.  The chilies are usually just a handful and after that, that's it!  It will wilt and die..... sigh again..... But I'm not giving up, I will just keep on trying. (JC, if you are reading this, you have a partner!)


Happy Gardening !


  1. When my chilies are behaving badly I threaten them~ you are going to turn to compost soon. Then they start to produce continuously. I don't have experience planting sweet corn in pots. But they need to be planted in blocks (at least 15 plants of them what the experts always recommended)to be well pollinated.
    Wah...long time since I have not eaten belimbing buloh.

  2. I used to enjoy feeding turtles at Bkt Jalil ponds on a weekly basis for years...
    Malar is right about corns. You need to plant many at the same time for pollination to take place. I've gone through the disappointment too.
    If you have chillies turning red, harvest them, otherwise the plant may die. Plant in bigger pots for better success. Plant more. Some will fall sick, some will be productive.
    Tell me more about the last plant. It looks good but I'm not familiar.

  3. Hi Malay-Kadazan girl,
    I just threatened my chili plants! Will keep you inform on this! He! He! Sometimes the things we do! I have read articles on corn too. There must be at least 2 plants for it to successfully pollinate. I thought that I gave it a shot. It actually worked with only one plant. I self-pollinate the corn by shaking the flower at the top. It works, there is only one corn, grown about 4 to 5 inches, then the plant died!! Should I try again??

    Hi One,
    You have grown corn too? Will you try again?
    No luck with chilies, I sowed the capsicum a few days ago, it has sprouted! Gosh, wish me luck with this one, I mean lots of luck!
    The last plant is called the belimbing tree. The belimbing fruits are extremely sour and we use it to cook yummy dishes like sambal (any sambal, eggs, chicken, meat...), lemak usually prawns, asam pedas, in sambal belacan.... are you drooling now...just kidding! For more info, click my label under 'Belimbing Tree". You can find out more from Wikipedia, just type the scientific name 'Averrhoe Bilimbi".

  4. I heard about the bitter gourd story from my grandma too. It seems we have to change the soil. When plants start to yellow, I guess it is time to say goodbye. I sow quite a lot of chili from seeds and select the healthy ones to grow to maturity. If it doesn't last long, never mind, just grow new ones again. A strong plant will be resistant to diseases just like a healthy person has less illnesses. From my experience, it is better not to waste time and resources over a sick plant, especially if we do not wish to use chemical pesticides. BTW, I like your belimbing tree ;-)

  5. I have some corn seeds and planning to plant them. My friend told me to plant at least a few. Yes it's for pollination purposes. Now, I am in the midst of figuring out how many for my small garden.

    Hope all your plants are going to recover soon!

  6. Hi! I hand pollinated my dragon fruit...even pumpkin but I didn't do it with corn. Aiyah! Should have read your reply earlier. I planted all the corn seeds from a packet a few weeks ago. Only 1 plant grew so I pull it out just now. Maybe I should put it back if it can be hand pollinated. Just shake the tassels?

  7. ~I am planning to grow corns on raised bed soon. I have to wait after marigolds get tired of their colourful display. I may even try the so called "legend of three sisters", with corns, beans and pumpkins. By the way, do you grow corns in pots?...
    ~Kai Choy is meant to be a little bit bitter, over in Sabah, the veggie is known as Sayur Pahit.
    ~lately the weather is a little bit hot, and most veggies are suffering, mine too....

  8. Hi Autumn Belle,
    Yes, you are right. Better not to waste time on unhealthy plants. Will remove 3 of the chili plant but keeping one which is showing sign of recovering!

    Hi Stephanie,
    Good luck on the corns. Let us know OK? Yes, I hope the solitary chili plant that is going to remain, will turn out fine!

    Hi One,
    He! He! You are indeed amusing! Yes, I just shake the tassel and you can see the very find dust of the pollen flying free! I don't think that putting it back will work but you can always try! Good luck!! I have two plants, one in a pot, yes, in a pot, of pumpkin, only about 8" high for now. Trying my luck by growing it in pot and letting it flows to the ground (whatever ground I have!), Just have to wait and see. The other one is on the ground. I love pumpkin!

  9. Hi Bangchik,
    Yes, I grew the corn in a pot. I think that you will have better luck than me! The kai choy is extremely bitter! Have you ever tried it before?

  10. Ha ha...Kitchen Flavours, I was nodding away as I read the part about your chilli plant...then I saw my name! Are we jinxed where chilli plant is concerned??

    As for the tale of using vegetable bed that was used to grow bitter gourds will produced bitter vegies, my friend whose mom has a farm, told me the same thing based on her mom's experience.

    Fyi, the corn silk can be boiled with water and consumed throughout the day. This will help to keep one young! It's a practice by the Taiwanese. So don't waste the corn silk, yah!

  11. Hi J.C.
    He! He! I know that I am a jinx when it comes to chili plants. Then there are some truths about the bitter gourd 'recycle' soil!
    Aiyoh.... I have already thrown the corn away last week!!! Never mind-lah, don't need it to keep young!!!!! LOL!

  12. funny! nvm my corn also tak jadi!