Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Common sage or garden sage, also known as salvia officinalis, is a perennial plant.  It has woody stems with greyish leaves and blue to purplish flowers.  The leaves are oblong, grey-green, rugose on the upper side, and nearly white underneath due to the many short soft hairs. This plant is native to the Mediterranean region.  Sage is known for its medicinal and culinary value.  It has a slight peppery flavour and is used for flavouring meat, poultry, sauces and bread. 

I got this plant from Sg. Buloh for RM5.00.  It is much bigger now. Some of the leaves have started to turn yellow, but I can see a lot of new leaves growing.  I've trimmed off the wilting leaves to enable the new ones to grow.  I am very impatient for the flowers to appear, wonder how long I'll have to wait.  Sage is a great herb plant to have in the garden, the leaves are actually quite nice to look at, the leaves being grey-green are really different from other plants.  

I have used the leaves of this plant to bake a very nice flatbread and also some herb butter.  For recipes, please click Garden Herb Flatbread and Herb Butter.


Happy Gardening !


  1. The plant look good!
    I never cooked with Sage before! But it taste good in meat!
    The eggless choco cake was good! My mum enjoyed it very much! Thanks for the recipe!

  2. You seem to have quite a variety of herbs. The best part is that you ensure appetizing final products from your healthy herbs.

  3. Hi Malar,
    You can buy sage from Jusco supermarket sold at the veggie dept. Very nice fresh sage, price per packet around RM2.00. They have other herbs too. Try out with some dishes! I'm glad to know that the cake turned out well and your mom enjoyed it! Will keep a lookout for more eggless cake recipe!

    Hi One,
    I have a few other herb plants, all from the nurseries. Will posts them soon. Yes, I really use these herbs in my cooking and baking! He! He! I love experiment new recipes, my family as the happy guinea pigs!

  4. Wa, your sage plant look very healty indeed. Now you have plenty of organic herbs for your kitchen adventures!

  5. I have seen sage been used by Jamie Oliver or in the River Cottage series by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall where it is cooked with pork. It seems to go well with meat. Would love to grow a pot too. RM5 is value for money! It'd be great to have a pot in the garden. I wonder how much sun light does it require for it to grow well?

  6. Hi J.C.
    I placed my pot of sage under full sun. Most of the herbs at Sg. Buloh are RM5, which indeed is value for money! Growing them from seeds takes forever, not always with successful results! Thinking of getting a few other herbs too!