Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Welcoming Busybody!

Torenia needs plenty of sun to grow, but they must be well-watered. I have noticed that they wilt very fast too! The flowers are continuous with lots of blooms. Torenia makes great containers and window boxes plants and if you are looking for a plant that has continuous blooms, then this will be suitable.  I bought these plants ages ago at the nursery, with different colours.  Ever since then, this plant has been sprouting everywhere!  I guess that the seeds are extremely light, so it is easily carried away by the wind. 

I collected all the small little plants from my backyard and planted them in this pot last month. The plants has flowered and small plants are sprouting. Took that photo this morning and look at the rest :

My dill plant is wilting away. Waiting for the last batch of flowers to dry. Look at the Torenia, happily making themselves at home.  If you have seen my post on "Dill" on Oct 19th, there was not even a Torenia in the pot. Look at it now, only a matter of three weeks!

This is my pot of sage, already wilted! Torenia making this pot their home!

 My tarragon plant. The uninvited Torenia sharing a home with the tarragon!

My pot of Pentas is undergoing "nursing" care. It has been 'sick' , and I left it at a corner to get well. It is getting better, perhaps it is just lonely, now that it has the Torenia to keep it company! But it seems like the Torenia is taking over!

Pot of capsicum plant. Torenia has made it's presence known.

 This Torenia is growing at the corner of my Aspidistra plant. Wondering when will the other friends show up!

Torenia popping up at the pot of Hibiscus plant!

Torenia and other weeds sharing a pot with my palm.

It even grows in between cracks on the cement floor right outside my house!

This pot has been abandoned for so long, looks like Torenia has made it their family home! The whole pot is full of them. Wondering why there is a hole? I dug out a batch of the bigger plants for my sister. She refused to take the whole pot! She said, "a little of this will go a long way"!  She's right!

I will have to collect all the lonely Torenia and place them in a proper pot to grow. I have not bought this plant for ages. I don't have to. I have most of the colours too.  They are spreading and popping out in places where they are not invited, a real busybody!  But I welcome this busybody anytime! 

Happy Gardening !


  1. Hi! Remember that 10 year old neighbour that I always post about? He is the one who used the coconuts as bowling pins. Just last week, he told me that Torenia is a weed. He is very sure it is a weed. His reasoning is that it grows everywhere in abundance. The definition of a weed is "any plant that crowds out cultivated plants". Hmmm...

  2. Wow, Torenia do grow very quick in your place. Just make sure it won't steal too much nutrient with other plants that share the same pot. It will add some beauty at the crack of the cement.

  3. I think Torenia is a self-seeded plant, so it is every where you least expected, can be invasive too as shown from your photos, taking over other plants! But group them together, they are quite a beauty with different colours of pink,blue, purple n white.

  4. Torenia have invaded yoru house! hahaha...
    They really have pretty bloom!

  5. Hahaha! I share the same experience as you! But I still do not consider them as weeds and I welcome their invasion. Sometimes they make my longkang more beautiful ;-) They are so lovely and won't live long anyway. I find that my pinks ones are more fragile and most can't make it to maturity.

  6. Very happy problem you have here! I am sure they are going to give much bigger surprises later. Remember to take pictures when they are all in bloom ok. Gardening is so fun with torenia... enjoy!

  7. Hi One,
    Your cute neighbour is one smart boy! He does have a point even though I think that Torenia is definitely not a weed.

    Hi Malay-Kadazan girl,
    Yes, I will gather all the single and scattered ones together in a pot. Will leave the few lovely bunches as they are.

    Hi p3chandan,
    Torenias are indeed a beauty if grown together in a pot. They have very striking appearance with delightful colours.

    Hi Malar,
    Yes, they have invaded my pots! But I'm not complaining!

    Hi Autumn Belle,
    Their colours are lovely. I was looking for the yellow ones, saw once in a nursery quite a while back, did not buy it, and have never seen it since!

    Hi Stephanie,
    This time will take the pictures when they bloom. Did not take any pictures the previous time! They are very pretty to look at!

  8. Hi...
    I like your Torenia, I never plant Torenia and i don't know this plant really easy to grow. I need to try plant Torenia in my orchid garden.

  9. I really like torenia, mines grew very nice, but like you said, the took so much water in. I will definitely get some more next season.

  10. Hi Orchid de dangau
    Torenia is really easy to grow, but watch out that they have enough of water especially during the hot weather!

    Hi fer,
    Thank you for stopping by. Have fun growing them next season!

  11. Torenia seeds will fall out of the pot and the next summer volunteer all over the ground. Don't have to plant a thing, and can pull up the volunteers and put them in a pot and the cycle starts all over again. Have had torenia this way for 6 years now.