Friday, October 22, 2010

Shoe Rack, What Are You Doing In My Garden?

The shoe rack replied, "I'm not wanted where I'm supposed to be, where else can I be, except be a friend to whoever needs a friend, you can always lean on me!" 

This extra piece of shoe rack has been in my mini store for ages! Finally put it to good use! Two of my french beans are happily creeping towards the shoe rack supported by two bamboo sticks.  This 'handiwork' was done by my dear hubby. 

Do you know what that is?  Well.... it is our very old TV aerial!  It has been on the roof for years!  Ever since Astro was installed years ago, this aerial has "ceased operation"!  Almost two months ago, our Astro has gone ga-ga, the Astro guys came to repair and told them to bring it down. Hubby wanted to dispose of it, but I have better use for it!  Ha! Ha!  Hubby modified it for me and ta...da... I have a sturdy  plant stake!  On the left, another french bean plant is making its way up and to the right is the bitter gourd plant. Never realise that I like an aerial so much!

OK, time for some harvest!

My little harvest of nai pak. Too little to stir-fry, so goes into my yong-tau-foo noodles. Very crunchy and good! The rest of the nai pak, eaten by snails and the culprit below!

The flat grasshopper.  I do not know what it is called, but I think flat grasshopper seems suitable!

Another harvest :

 Belimbing! I pickled these! Yummy!

The extremely hot weather turns the leaves yellow real fast!  It's like having autumn in my backyard, which can be very irritating! The leaves keep dropping even as I sweep! But I am being rewarded with lots of fruits. Gave some to my sisters and neighbours. Look at the bird's nest. It is still up there after so many months!  There are no birds now, but really amazing, this nest can withstand strong heavy rain and sometimes very windy days too! I hope that the birds will be back to their "delivery nursery" soon.

Happy Gardening !


  1. You have been tweaking your blog? Cool! Clever of you and your hubby to recycle the shoe rack and TV antennae. Plants are happy. Less rubbish accumulated as well. And so much to harvest.

  2. TV antennae is good for plants to climb on. Is that peria plant at the top and at the bottom, french bean is winding up... Huh, on my part, I am resting from gardening for a while... Sibuk. ~bangchik and kakdah.

  3. Thats a good way to recycle things. What is nai pak also known? Similar to Pak choi? Aiyah I miss belimbing buloh so much for gulai masak lemak.

  4. You are so creative in recycling thing. Good work!

  5. A brilliant way to recycle!

    Btw, may I ask whether yellowish belimbing is too ripe to be harvested? It's hard to find belimbing to buy. I saw some yellow ones on a neighbour's tree and I am keen to ask their permission to pluck them. But they are all yellow in colour and I am not certain if that is a sign of over-ripening.

  6. Hi One,
    Yeah, got bored with the old look! Just like us, new haircut once in a while!

    Hi Bangchik,
    Yes, plants are happy! Taking a break? See you when you're back in your garden!

    Hi Malay-Kadazan girl,
    Yes, I think nai pak is similar to pak choy, the difference is nai pak is a smaller variety. Pak choy leaves are longer. Aiyah, kesian-nya!, I would give you some belimbing if I could! Nothing beats food from back home!

    Hi Orchid de dangau,

    Hi J.C.
    Thanks! The yellowish belimbing is already ripening, but it is ok to use it in cooking. If they are really yellow and really soft, they would have drop to the ground. You have a neighbour with this tree? Cool, I think that your neighbour would be happy to have someone share the fruits instead of letting it fall to the ground, wasted! I would be happy to give you some, just let me know, send me an email!

  7. Shoe rack and tv aerial - innovative recycling ideas! I wish I can be as creative as you :-D Btw, is the belimbing sour as it is?

  8. Very good ideas there with TV aerial n shoe rack! Also must look for belimbing seedling next time I visit Sg Buloh..

  9. You and your husband really have brilliant idea! Good recycling thought!
    Your belimbing tree look so lush! So many fruits! I love Belimbing! Yummy!

  10. Besides the creative recycling efforts, you are doing great with the container vege garden too. My late mom used to say, if you find a good vege garden in a home, you'll know that there's a great cook in the house ;-)

  11. Hi Stephanie,
    Yes, the belimbing is indeed very sour if eaten by itself! But I have seen someone eaten this dipped with a little salt! Urgh... I tried and didn't like it, too sour! It is best used in cooking.

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  13. Aiyah, accidentally remove comment! Here I go again,

    Hi p3chandan,
    I have never tried drying the seeds before, though I think that chances they will germinate is very low. Thousands of fruits have dropped to the ground, but I have not seen any "anak pokok" growing. Yes, the best solution would be to buy the baby plant. But I have sowed some seeds before and two plants have sprouted, these two I have given to my sisters. I could try to dry the seeds first, and send some to you, I will let you know on this.

    Hi Malar,
    How do you use the belimbing in your cooking? Would really love to know, learning some other method of using belimbing from you.

    Hi Autumn Belle,
    Your mom sounds like a wise person. I wish I am a great cook! At the moment my vege garden is not so good because of the hot weather. Some of my plants have died. Have to start over.

  14. Βeautiful garden!
    Now here begins the winter and my plants are suffering.

  15. I love belimbing! My mum cooks belimbing with fermented taucu and chilly padi! I will definitely share this recipe on my blog soon:D Love looking at the pictures of your garden:DF

  16. Hi Quay Po Cooks,
    Wow, looking forward to your recipe! Would love to try it. Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a lovely day!

  17. Ingenious structure with the tv aerial! otak geliga just like mom!