Thursday, December 2, 2010

French Beans, Ladies Fingers and Belimbing Fruit

My french beans are flowering and there's two tiny beans growing!


Harvesting The Ladies Fingers ! I just love these plants, they are really easy to grow and are fast producing too!


My ever favourite, belimbing tree! More fruits, my sis came to stay for a week and took back with her a bag of belimbing fruits, there's more on the tree!

Happy Gardening !


  1. Can I have a bag of belimbing fruits as well:). Your french bean and lady fingers is producing nicely. Many fresh vegetable on their way to your kitchen. I have not tasted our own french bean as the kids eat it all, waiting for the okra to grow big.

  2. i would like to have a bag too! They look so juicy! Okra is very easy growing plant but pest love them so much atleast in my garden!

  3. How many bags of belimbing do you have? :) I'm growing red okra. Hopefully, mine turns out as well as yours did.

  4. I love your belimbing, so many fruits, delicious to make sambal belacan! I just bought one seedling at MAHA yesterday so I guess have to wait very long for it to bear fruits...

  5. I like the pretty pink flowers. Any your belimbing plant is very productive indeed. If all of them ripen at the same time, it will be raining belimbing!

  6. Hi Diana,
    The french beans has only three beans! Would love to give you some belimbing if I can! You must have missed masak lemak belimbing!

    Hi Malar,
    Belimbing is very juicy but extremely sour! It is usually used in cooking by the Malays and the Nyonyas. If you would like to have some, just email me!

    Hi One,
    How many bags? Most of them are on the ground by the time I came back from my holiday! But the plant is still flowering! Red okra? Have not seen this one before! Interesting!

    Hi p3chandan,
    Good for you! Then you can have all the sambal belacan, sambal tumis, masak lemak and asam pedas with your belimbing, but you have to wait, mine took about 3 years! It is definitely worth waiting for!

    Hi Autumn Belle,
    Yes, you are right! It was raining belimbing when I got back from the holidays!