Friday, December 17, 2010

Pretty Orchid Blooms

Look at the beautiful blooms of these orchids. I do not know the names! These beauties are not mine, they belong to my sister, who resides in Ipoh. She loves orchids and has been growing them for several years now.

Now, this little one belongs to me! I only have one orchid plant, because I have no luck with orchids. They don't seem to bloom for me. I have bought some plants over the years, and they bloom only once or some never at all and finally wilted away. This is the only one that survived. For the past few years, this plant has only bloom once a year!  But then this year, surprisingly, it has bloomed not once, but thrice. I have not bothered with any fertilisers at all for the past two years, as I have sort of given up on this plant! This little plant has remain little, it has not grown at all! Maybe this is a dwarf orchid plant?? No idea! Is there such thing as a dwarf orchid plant? My sister's orchids are all very tall!

I love the colour, it is a lovely shade of orange and looks very striking and pretty. I hang this little pot in between my two hanging pots of bushy ferns, and it makes a very beautiful contrast among the two greens.
What is the name of this orchid?  I've got no idea!

Happy Gardening !


  1. You have great orchids. They are all so pretty. I also love that orange one. I am sure it really look outstanding against green ferns. Have a great weekend. Btw, check out mokara orchids ;-)

  2. Your sister orchids are lovely as well as yours too. I think you grow your orchid well it looks healthy with your TLC.

  3. I like your dwarf orchid. Probably it is small due to lack of nutrition since you have not fertilize it for 2 years. Can you imagine not eating for 2 years? Oh well, you probably cannot imagine not baking for 2 weeks!!! :)

  4. Your sister have lovely orchids! I don't have any experience with orchid before and i do not know the name but your orange orchid have pretty bloom! Very vibrant colour!

  5. Your sister got 'tangan sejuk' with orchids, they are all lovely! Im like you, orchids dont seem to like me. Recently I bought some seedlings, only one has bloomed for me.But your orchid has very striking orange colour while mine is a mix of light pink and mauve.

  6. Hi Stephanie,
    It would be great if the orchids are mine, but they belong to my sister, who loves orchids. Thanks for the link, have checked and still unsure which is the right name. Some looks very identical but on second look, there's a difference in the spots and lines on the petals! So confusing! LOL!

    Hi Diana,
    The only TLC is I leave it alone! Maybe it is a loner, prefer to be on its own, only then the true beauty will appear! He! He!

    Hi One!
    Yes, you are right! I did not bake for more than two weeks due to my holiday in Penang and came back with a bad cough. Really missed baking and smell of something being baked in the oven! Already started baking this week!
    The little orchid plant did not even grow during the first few years when I dutifully feed it with fertilizer! It has been this size since the day I bought it! Maybe this is a midget or dwarf variety??

    Hi Malar,
    Yes, my sisters orchids are really lovely. I love the colour of my orange orchid too!

    Hi p3chandan,
    Yes, she has! I pulak, "tangan tak cukup sejuk" where orchids are concerned! So, you have the same luck with orchids too? I love the dancing ladies orchids but don't know whether should I try getting one! He! He!

  7. Hi,

    Nice post about orchids!
    1st pic - Mokara type
    2nd pic - Vanda teres type
    3rd pic - Mokara type
    4th pic - Renenthera type
    5th pic - Aranda/arachnis type
    6th pic (your orchid) - Ascocenda type

    I don't know the real name, most of them is quite old hybrid.I will find it the exact name and update later.

    About your Ascocenda, this orchid size is like miniature to average size, it is because she was hybridize between Ascocentrum and Vanda. Ascocentrum is miniature size and vanda mostly is in average size.

  8. Hi O.D.D.,
    Thank you so much for your kind help! I did try to find out the names from the web, but knowing so little about orchids, I am thoroughly confused!
    As for my own little orchid, now that I know that she is an Ascocenda, it is a little bit extra special! Phew! I was wondering what have I done wrong since it doesn't seem to grow. It is just like a "chili padi", small but really gets the attention!
    Thanks for your valuable information, I really appreciate them!

  9. So glad to know that ODD, our orchid expert has visited your blog and helped with the IDS. Your orchid has very pretty orange flowers.

  10. Hi,
    Just stopping by today to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  11. Que hermosas flores ,me encantan su color su textura,se ven hermosas ,son muy delicadas y finas son muy aromáticas y regalo muy apreciado ,siento la delicadeza de una mujer en algunas flores,lindo tu blog,abrazos.