Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Harvest Spring Onions, The Express Way!

Spring onions are my favourite! I constantly use it for garnishing, stir-fry in meat, chicken and fish dishes, stir-fry noodles and in instant noodles too! There's always a bunch of spring onions in my fridge.  Look at the lovely green, these are from my potted garden.

I bought these already sprouted onions from TESCO. When the next time you go to TESCO or any other supermarkets, make sure to visit their corner "REDUCED - TO CLEAR" section, they would usually clear the leftover veggies which are not that fresh anymore by reducing the price. What I look for are the onions! Found a packet of big onions already sprouted for only RM1.94 per packet! What a bargain. Took these home, clean them and goes into my pot, not my cooking pot, but in my garden pot!

Most of the onions already have two or three bulbs joined together as one big onion. All the better!

Peel off the outer layer, wash and clean them and I got two spring onions "seedlings" from each onion. Yeah~!

Into my containers they go, already thinking about my menu when they are ready to be harvested!

Two weeks later, see how much they have grown!

Harvested these on 1st Feb, from 2 bunches, gave these to a friend. 

 Harvested these on 9/02, from three bunches

After three weeks from date of planting, full grown, fresh, beautiful greens are ready to be harvested! Half of these goes into the fried noodles for the kids' lunch and the other half will be for my prawn dish tomorrow.  There are still a few bunches left which I will harvest soon.

I'm off to TESCO again!

Happy Gardening !


  1. hi
    wav,fresh spring onions,home grown fresh vegetable always nice.....great post

  2. Great looking spring onions! They smell so 'oniony' when they are home grown. have some in the earth and waiting for them to say 'hullo" !!

  3. My favorite too besides parsley! I got mine from Tesco too haha. But i don't dig them all out from the soil, just cut the leaves and let them grow back. They do well in your pots.

  4. Hi Rani,
    Yes, nothing beats homegrown veggies!

    Hi Keats,
    Love the smell of spring onions, they make a dish tastes better!

    Hi milka,
    Tesco has got some loyal customers here! I sometimes cut the leaves if I just want some for garnishing, but I really like the white part too as they are really fragrant in stir-fries. So I would usually harvest them all out!

  5. wah your spring onions look healthy and "tembam"! feel happy & satisfied just looking at them!

  6. Wah very healthy looking onion leaves. My mama going back to MSIA today so when she has time she help post the seeds. The red onion seeds are in the envelope. Hope you have fun with them.

  7. Wah...very healthy spring onion....nice to eat with soup or add in telur dadar ;) Thanks for sharing...

  8. Spring onion really add flavour and aroma to cooked dish! Yummy!
    TESCO has this type of corner? I shall check it out too!

  9. Ha ha you are a genius! Seeing is believing. You have so many spring onions now ;-D

  10. Good sharing! I love to harvest from my garden and cook or garnish immediately to maintain its freshness. I didn't have luck growing them in the soil. In the future will grow them in pots instead.

  11. Hi petite nyonya,
    I'm happier, I get to eat them! He! He!

    Hi Diana,
    Thank you so much! Will let you know when I do receive them, will be waiting very .... impatiently... he! he!

    Hi ODD,
    Yes, spring onions are good in almost everything!

    Hi Malar,
    I just came back from TESCO. Guess what, I couldn't find any onions at that section, when I asked, they told me, 'already finished-lah!". Never mind, will try next visit!

    Hi Stephanie,
    I left the ones in the round pot. Will be harvesting them soon.

    Hi One,
    Spring onions grow very well in pots. Good luck in your next attempt!

  12. You are just like me Joy, must have spring onions and parsley in my cooking! I just planted new onions from TESCO, always looking for good bargain there to plant at home too!

  13. Hi kitchen flavours,
    I just discovered you today, and what a surprise to find a neighbour (practically) in you. I'm from Malacca too!!! And I spend part of my time in Selangor too. Small, small world.I guess petite nyonya must either be from malacca or penang. Will be finding out after this.

  14. I can't believe how quickly these grew to harvest, they are gorgeous :)

  15. Very good idea to do such a thing! May try it out one day...

  16. very good looking plant. i have been thinking of doing a veggie garden of my own but not happening at this time. Better start it in autumn season.
    am following your blog now. you are welcome to follow mine. :)

  17. Its about cleaning up and separating them that really make them grow...., they look better than those from the market. Thanks for tips.... Cheers ~bangchik

  18. this is such a great idea! i will look down the market for some easy sprouts

  19. A way of spending time in a wonderful way. Congrats and merry Christmas...

  20. Thank you so much for this tutorial :-) I tried this out and it works. Previously I would just bury the poor little sprouted onion, skin and all. I am looking forward to my 1st harvest.. BTW do you know how to grow celery and where can I get the seeds? Is there an express way?

  21. Hi Mama Pongkey,
    I'm glad that your have success with your onions! It will be really rewarding at harvest time!
    Celery is not easy to grow over here. I have not seen any celery seeds being sold over here before. I have some seeds awhile back, but the seedlings all died, so I have no experience in growing celery!
    Thank you for stopping by and wish you a lovely gardening day!

  22. Hi I would like to grow onion in my garden but not able to find onion seeds in kl. if anyone know where to buy onion seeds pls help me in finding it. Thank you.