Monday, February 7, 2011

A Welcoming Surprise

I'm back from my Chinese New Year holidays, and am pleasantly surprised to see that my sawtooth coriander has started to flower! I did a post on sawtooth coriander just before the holidays, on 27th January and there was no sign of the flowers at that time, and yes, I did look and look, and was actually very disappointed that there was no sign of any flowers. So this a wonderful surprise!

Wonder how many flowers will it grow? Dozens I hope! Really looking forward to save more seeds, to share!

My tarragon has sprouted new leaves! I'm so relieved! Let's just hope that it will grow healthy, keeping my fingers crossed. The ones which I propagate from the cuttings doesn't look good. There's no sign of any new leaves, they just look like dead twigs, and I dare not touch them as I'm afraid that I might disturb the new roots, if there are any! Will wait for another week and see.  I have not sowed the seeds yet! Hope to do that these few days as I'm extremely busy with household duties after back from the holidays. 

The miracle of nature. With healthy roots and the will to survive, nothing can stop them!

This really brings a smile to me! 

Happy Gardening !


  1. I'd love to have sawtooth coriander and tarragon in my potager too!

  2. Always so with plants. You keep looking, nothing happens. You are away for a few days, they surprise you. They are quite a teaser! Miracle berry seeds did that to me too... Good Luck!

  3. They can smell spring is here! I hope you enjoyed your cny!

  4. I guess the bout of rain these few days did a lot of wonder to plants! Nice to be back from a long break and see your garden is flourishing on its own and of course the not so nice things you have to do at home! My next target seeds to buy..sawtooth coriander!

  5. Hi! That's good news indeed. Has it been raining over there? It's been hot and dry where I stay. One of my neighbour down the road complained that his potted plants dried up when he came back from the holidays.

    I hope you don't mind if I don't collect the award. Thanks anyway.

  6. Little surprises like this sure makes a gardener happy. Today I spent nearly 3 hours in the garden just to catch up after my hols.

  7. I hope you can collect more seeds from the sawtooth coriander and tarragon. You spark many people interest on growing them including me! This sawtooth coriander might not bolt easily for our garden here in summer. But I cannot grow normal coriander in summer it bolt easily. I do have some self-sowed seedlings sprouted in summer in shade.

  8. Your coriander looks as if it is doing wonderfully, and I agree if the tarragon has sprouted letting it take it's course will be delightful.
    Hope you had an amazing vacation :)

  9. Hi Lrong,
    Yes, they are great to have in the garden!

    Hi Bangchik,
    They are quite a teaser indeed. Love surprises like this!

    Hi milka,
    Thank you. I had a good CNY. Did some gambling but lost! He! He! It was just for fun!

    Hi p3chandan,
    Luckily it rained. I was kinda worried about my plants, and was relieved that none of them dried out from lack of water!

    Hi One,
    Yes, I guess it rained. Your poor neighbour, I can understand exactly how he feels!

    Hi Keats,
    I have not done any weeding as yet! Morning sun is too hot and busy these few days after back from the holidays.

    Hi Diana,
    He! He! I could send the seeds to you. Maybe you could grow them better than me and collect more seeds. I planted them in pots and they are slow to spread, unlike the grounds. I just sowed the tarragon seeds today, keeping my fingers crossed!

    Hi Alisha,
    Thank you for stopping by. Yes, I had a good CNY holiday. I am hoping that my tarragon will grow healthy and lush!

  10. This is a delight surprise after festival! Hope you get many seeds for future planting! What do you cook with them?