Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some updates on my backyard potted garden

The Belimbing Tree, growing lush and full of leaves and new branches. 

Belimbing fruits hidden by the leaves, it is like looking for treasures. Got to push away the leaves to find the hidden treasure!

They even grow in the narrow space between the trunks. Can you see the two snails behind the fruits?

Their peace, quite and really dark home momentarily disturbed by the sudden light!

Sawtooth coriander, the first flower spotted on 7th February, a little over a month later, look at how much flowers they have grown.

Radish! I only have one plant! Wonder when is the right time to harvest?

The flower of the French Bean plant has got a little company.

Happy Gardening !


  1. hi, just amazed looking at your plants. i want to ask you abt herbs since you know that we sometimes have to use that for crazy bakes..i saw that sweet basil, do we need to get the seeds first? you see, sometimes it's difficult to get these outside. sorry for asking such a dump question but i got zero knowledge abt gardening..

  2. That little friend is so cool... resting on the flower nicely he he... Glad to see your belimbing is growing fast and fine :-D

  3. Wah your belimbing buloh tree after all the hard pruning really come back with all lush and so many fruits eh. Miss belimbing buloh so much. Is your little visitor still come and play in your garden. I have been thinking about how to avoid them but still not an idea. The only think I can think of is maybe try veggie which has leaves that is not so nice to touch like pumpkin and cucumber so many bulu.It also save you some space as the plants can grow vertically.

  4. Snail tell us where is the cooler place. I guess we can grow temperate climate plants there.. ya? Belimbing is nice a plant, they keep fruiting..., more and more. The white radish looks alright for harvest...,

  5. Why not pull out the radish and find out if it is ready? Hehe..

    That little bug is definitely eating up the plant. Gone down the drain already?

  6. I'm glad to see your plants growing but I must say, I can't stand snails! They use to eat all my plants when I lived in an apartment, the snails kept coming back and would make holes in my plants!

  7. Hi Lena,
    Just replied, over at your blog!

    Hi Stephanie,
    Yes, the little friend is relaxing away...I just left him to enjoy himself.. :)

    Hi Diana,
    The belimbing tree is so lush now that I need to trim away the bottom branches as it is blocking the sun from my yam and other plants. After my last post on the cats, they still came and poo more than a dozen times! My patience is really at zero level, so I spoke to the owner again and came to an understanding that if she does not take care of the problem, I will! Looks like she kept them in the house now, so far my garden has been "poo-ed free" for about a week now and that has never happen before since she has the cats!

    Hi Bangchik,
    Yes, I think that I'll harvest the radish soon. Alamak, satu saja! tak cukup!

    Hi One,
    Good idea, if not ready, then I'll plant it again, he! he!
    I left the little bug to continue with its sun-bathe...!

    Hi Priscilla,
    Snails are slow moving creatures, but big eaters and fast too! I dislike them too!

  8. i've read your reply and i just bought a small pot of sweet basil today, i really hope i can make them stay alive, haha! i dont have green hands. oh yeah, i've also managed to get the ice cream plastics bags yesterday, now i will have to go thru that recipe again and i will check with you if anything unsure. thanks a lot!

  9. Wow, your belimbing has really bounced back. There are lots of fruits for your cooking, maybe need to bottle/preserve some or make belimbing jam, lol. The presence of critters in the garden is a good sign of a healthy ecosystem. Cheers to that!

    I used to have problem with cats too. Their poo is bad for my plants, hence I had to bear with the stink while I collected the poo. I read from the internet that coffee grounds and citrus peels help. As I don't have coffee grounds, after I open a packet of nescafe refill, I add some water to the empty packet and pour the solution on my lawn and soil. Once I even had to use mineral water bottles filled with water and place them on the ground. It seems the reflection deters them from coming over. Now, the cats don't come anymore.

  10. I have the greatest respect for gardeners like you! Your garden is absolutely lush dear. Those snails look very much like my conch shell soaps!

  11. Hi lena,
    You've got a pot of sweet basil, that's great! Hope it grows well for you, propagate it when it gets a bit bigger, then you will have more plants. Enjoy your ice cream!

    Hi Autumn Belle,
    I did make jeruk belimbing! Really good...!! Have not tried making into jam yet, thought of trying that out when there are more fruits.
    Thanks for the advice on the cats! They are a real pests. I need to collect empty packets of nescafe refill, as I'm drinking it alone, it takes a while to finish a pack! The reflection on the water is really interesting! Thank you!

    Hi Nazarina A,
    Welcome to my potted garden, thank you for your lovely comment. My garden in almost in pots, it is really small, with limited gardening space. Will visit you soon. Thank you for following.. have a lovely day.

  12. Your garden is so happy and beautiful!

  13. I love looking at your garden. Can you tell us more about the belimbing tree - I'm in Sydney and know nothing about them - what do the fruits taste like? Do you eat them raw or cooked? Sounds like jams... but what else? I'm most curious. You'll have to share a recipe with us ;)

    I managed to pick up a saw-tooth coriander plant a month or so ago from a local market & eagerly awaiting the flower & seeds so I can double my harvest like you! You have a great garden

  14. Hi The Vintage Cosmonat,
    Thank you for visiting my garden. My Belimbing Tree is about ten years old now. I planted it from seeds. The scientific name for this tree is "averrhoe bilimbi", you may search more info about this tree from the internet. The Belimbing fruits are extremely sour. It is best used in cooking our local dish and it can be pickled. I have not tried making jam with this before although this has been on my list, am waiting for the tree to bear fruits as I have pruned the tree and it is growing back again. The fruits can be dried and use for cooking whenever needed. I have one recipe which is extemely spicy over at my cooking blog
    do visit when you have the time.
    Hope your sawtooth coriander grows well and healthy, the leaves are extremly fragrant. I use the leaves when we have steamed fish for dinner.
    Thank you for stopping by.

  15. Nothing quite like making a beautiful meal with fresh ingredients from your own garden!