Friday, March 25, 2011

Different Shapes and Shades of Greens

My herb plants  ......


Sweet Basil 


Thai Basil

Sawtooth Coriander






Curry Leaf


  1. wah you have so many fresh herbs for your cooking. I have one basil thai plant but always forget that I have one.Did not use any of the leaves yet.

  2. Lovely herbal plants.Looks so nice.

  3. They are so lovely and useful. I have many of them. How did you care for your thyme? The ones I had were very tiny and eventually disappeared.

    Which herb do you use the most? For me, it is the mint.

  4. Oh wow! Lovely useful herbs! Can you share how you grow them so well? I have no luck at all with herbs

  5. They look so wonderful. Nice nice pictures. All so green. I can almost smell their fragrant from here :-D

  6. I love them all Joy, a kitchen garden shouldnt go without those especially a chef like you! Great shots! Im trying to grow the cuttings of misai kucing see if its successful, then will give it to you if you want Joy.

  7. Great herbs - all so luscious! Lovely effort and pictures too.

  8. Wow! What a nice variety of herbs you have growing there :-)

  9. Did you grow all those wonderful herbs from seeds?

  10. You have many herbs growing in your garden! They look so healthy and lush!

  11. Wow... so pretty!!! I too have most of them but mine is not doing so well... my sawtooth coriander looks like it is about to die! Sigh... Oh! and those belimbing pictures are so tempting.. so deliciously tempting!! I wish I could have a tree like that.

  12. Wa.. you have so many herbs growing in your garden. Oh ya ha, you need them in your cooking :)

  13. Hi everyone,
    It is really frustating! I have just replied to each and every one of you to your questions and when I clicked post comment, there was a blogger error and everything disappears!

    Sorry about that!
    So to summarize, I did not take any special care in taking care of the herb plants. I left the pots where they can enjoy the full morning sun and fertilize them every 5 to 6 weeks. Since I use some of them in my cooking pot, I guess by cutting the leaves will encourage new growth. And the herbs that I use the most are definitely the parsley. I bought the basil plants, stevia, rosemary, thymes, curry leaves as young small plants from the nurseries. The parsley are from seeds, the dill and sawtooth coriander are self seeded from the mother plant and the oregano are from propagation from my sister's plant. That's about it! I may do an individual post for each of the herbs later when I can! Am planning to include a few more herb plants in my potted garden. So many plants and so little space. Sigh....! :) Have a good gardening week everyone, the sun in shining now!

  14. First, I thank you for your lovely messages on my blog.
    I can't cook without herbs and spices.
    I would like to know which is the difference between thai basil and basil.

    thank you!:)

  15. The Sawtooth Coriander... I am eyeing it...

  16. They are all so happy and gorgeous :)

  17. Hi! I'm ur new follower :) Hoping to learn from u n have a pretty garden like urs! thank u