Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Long Bean, Harvest

I harvested only ONE long bean today!

 The first long bean from the plant

 The second long bean, should be ready to be harvested in about two days time.

This is the fourth and fifth beans, probably will harvest in about three days time. 

 More flowers growing at the top of the beans!

Could not help measuring the first bean.... 

a beautiful 20-inches long! 

Long bean, the product from this beautiful flower, amazing, isn't it?

Spotted a few more flowers, not as many as I had hoped, but it makes me happy!

Happy Gardening !


  1. Soon you will have many long beans to cook! Their flowers are beautiful indeed!

  2. Your long bean is 'so long'. Diana said 'so long' to her long beans. The flower is very attractive. How did you grow them. Did you buy the seeds or grow the seeds from the long beans you buy?

  3. It is so nice to be getting ready for a garden. My daughter and I have planted seeds and are watching the little sprouts peek through the soil. Such a blessing to behold. Beautiful flowers. Blessings, Catherine xo

  4. Can make one delicious omellete ;-) Yum!

  5. Nice to see them growing there too. Mine is just beginning. I love the flowers. Home grown, they are really tender and sweet - so enjoy your harvest.

  6. HOORAY! for the ONE long bean!! Haha, so cute.
    My little harvest of french beans make me have to cook omelette almost everyday.

  7. Wah 'So Long Snake Bean' you have there. Be careful not to mistake green snake with your long bean. You so patient to wait for it to be so long. I can never wait that long...hehehe... me very greedy. Don't forget to harvest it frequently, or they will reduce their production.

  8. Yeay! Congrats Joyce on your first harvest of looooooong beans!