Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mulberry and No Birdies!

I would call my Mulberry as plants instead of trees, as that's what they are! 

I have two of these plants, growing in separate pots. These two plants have been providing me with about two dozens or so (yeah, so few!), of fruits each time. When the fruits have been harvested, the branches need to be pruned  in order to encourage the growth of more fruits. I have been collecting the fruits and freezing them for use in jam making, in my bakes and for making ice cream. And I have been harvesting my kind neighbour's mulberries too, as they have given me the green light to do so, since they do not eat the fruits, and once the fruits are ripe, they will all dropped off to the ground. 

The other Mulberry Plant.

My plants are about 2 years old, and they grow rather slow, since I've grown them in pots. But with constant pruning of the branches, I have a steady supply of fruits every now and then. Mulberries have lots of health benefits, you may read all about it here. The fruits would start off as small green fruits, then they will turn a shade of light pink, to light red, then bright red, on to dark red, and when fully ripe, the fruits will be almost black. They are juicy and tart when not fully ripe, and when fully ripe, with a hint of tart sweetness.

I've made this delightful sorbet using a mixture of mulberries, cranberries and orange juice a couple of months ago. The perfect indulgence for our super hot weather right now.

Cranberry-Mulberry Orange Sorbet


Update on the bird nest that I found two weeks ago in my Belimbing tree, from my previous post here.

The nest has dropped to the lower part of the tree. Maybe the nest was not secured enough and it has came tumbling down! Poor mother bird! After all its hard work into building it. I've read from the internet that it takes a few practices for a new mother bird until she can build a sturdy well built nest. Perhaps this little mother bird is a newbie! Hopefully she has made another nest and have her eggs ready to be hatched somewhere safe.

Instead of discarding the nest, I have placed the nest in the tree, where there's support, though I doubt that the bird would be back, but well, keeping my fingers crossed. 

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Happy Gardening !


  1. Joyce, I am so excited looking at your mulberries! They are so pretty hah..hah...I love anything berry :) Too bad that the bird nest dropped. But hey, since you have saved it, some lucky bird may just find it and settle in to the ready built home!

  2. Your mulberries look so good even though growing in the pot! That's yummy mulberry sorbet! Hope the bird will be back!

  3. I feel so inspired looking at your Mulberry shrub. I've planted two in my backyard, hoping to have a bountiful harvest later.

  4. Oh Mulberry bushes! How wonderful. Came here because of your baking..but I'm a gardener, too, so I'm excited about this site, too! Happy Gardening!

  5. I just planted some mulberry trees and am looking forward to the fruits in another couple of months. The leaves just started to grow. My friends said its very easy to grow and the tree going to get huge.

  6. Hi Joyce!
    I'm really going to need to add your Potted Garden to my sidebar. How could I miss your Mulberry bushes. Are you still harvesting? I've been thinking about planting Blueberry Bushes for years now. I really think I should get on it, soon!

    I'm really curious to know if the mother bird came back. Poor thing...Thanks for sharing, Joyce...

  7. Replies
    1. Hi Louise,
      No, just the same old potted garden look! :)

    2. That's funny Joyce. I came here today before oooogling your Zucchini Bread in hopes that there was a new post:) I hope your tomatoes get better...

  8. Understand mulberry plants are easy to plant. Would love to eat them fresh. Oops accidental fall of the nest hope no casualties.

  9. Nowadays I have been drinking a lot of iced water. I get thirsty faster than usual. Wonder why the weather is so so dry nowadays. Btw your mulberry is looking really good. I have only been seeing pest infested ones around the neighbourhood. Good job! and yes hope birds will rest on that nest again :-)