Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some garden updates

Update from my previous post on my Pomegranate plant, about 5 weeks ago, I was really happy to see that out of the one dozen flowers that bloomed, two have turned to fruits!  Even though almost all of the flowers have dropped off, I was quite happy as I've bought this young seedling less than a year ago, and did not expect it to grow so quick and now with fruits too! 

This photo was taken about 2 weeks ago.

The same fruit, today. The calyx at the bottom which looks like a crown, have dropped off, making the fruit looks so "un-pomegranate" LOL!

The second fruit, photo taken about 2 weeks ago.

The fruit today. It still has it's calyx at the bottom of the fruit. With it's "crowning glory" this looks more like a pomegranate, unlike the "naked" one from the second photo above, which looks like a small young mango fruit!

I can't wait for the fruits to ripen. This is the first time I'm growing pomegranate, so I'm not sure when is the suitable time to harvest. From what I've read from the internet, it takes about 6 months from the start of the flowers to harvesting the fruits. I guess that I'll have to wait a little longer, and probably not as long as 6 months, depending on the variety. I really do not know the variety of this plant in my pot, all I knew was, it is our local variety, as was told by the seller from the nursery, and she herself do not know the variety of this fruit.

 My chilli plant. I have harvested all the red ripe chillies and have been enjoying at least 3 to 5 chillies with my meals, almost everyday.

Look what I've discovered in my belimbing tree! A bird's nest! I have seen the mother bird only once yesterday, and before I could take my camera, it flew off! Wondering if there's any eggs in the nest!

Probably there's no eggs in there yet, as I have not seen the mother bird other than that one time yesterday. Maybe she's just getting the nest ready for her big moment! Will monitor the progress of this nest!

Happy Gardening !


  1. Your garden looks so flourish! I'm really jealous to see your pome tree get fruiting. Mine.... oh no, no flower and fruit. I don't know why. I found a bird nest on my bilimbi tree too. I think bilimbi is a favorite tree for some sparrows. So nice. Enjoy your time.
    Happy gardening!

  2. Hi Joyce! I guess only one head can wear the crown LOL! Your chilli plant is doing so well! So many chillies. Hmmm....I wish mine could fruit like that. I only get one chilli at a time. So frustrating! Looks like you will be hearing lots of little chirping soon. Once I saw a bird's nest on my Japanese Bamboo plant with eggs in it. But soon after the whole thing disappeared. I am guessing the naughty cat did it.

  3. You sure do have a green thumb, Joyce. I'm still trying to get my darn Pineapple to fruit! The thing is huge, taking up a good part of the TV room and yet, no fruit. It sure is a pretty plant though:)

    I can't even imagine trying to grow a Pomegranate. Just look at yours! How exciting it is going to be to harvest the fruit. You need to find just the right way to enjoy it. Perhaps, right off the stem:)

    I wish I would have planted some chillis but not this year. Yours look amazing! Did you freeze some? I have a feeling that mother bird is liking all this goodness growing around her. I don't know what a bilimbi tree is but that nest looks right at home in its branches. Maybe the mama is just getting ready to have some babies. Will that make you a birdie grandma, lol...

    Thank you so much for sharing your bounty, Joyce. I really enjoyed catching up:)

  4. Pomegranate fruit look so good! There is a lot of happening in your garden! Do update us on the bird and the nest! ;)

  5. Pomegranate is supposed to have a lot of medicinal benefits... good for you... your chillies look good, and the bird nest, a real bonus...