Monday, July 12, 2010

Bird Nests on Belimbing Tree

There are less fruits on my belimbing plant this time. Could it be that I have not been feeding it properly? I have not been applying the fertilizer for quite sometime now. Apart from the photo above, there are a few fruits scattered here and there, not like the previous time, bunches of fruits, that I gladly gave away. Anyway, it is enough for me to cook some sambal tumis and asam pedas too! Might make some sambal belacan to go with fried fish... mmm... that's the wonderful part of homegrown veggies and fruits, from the garden (in my case... backyard!) to the cooking pot, to the table, chemical-free! Healthy and tasty!

There are two birds' nests on the tree. The other one is so high up that I am unable to take the photo (and I do not owe a super hi-tech camera!). This is the second time in the same spot that the bird makes it as their nest. I have not seen the birds! The first time was a few months ago but their nest was destroyed during the very heavy downpour! Now they have rebuild another one. Hopefully I will catch a glimpse of the birds and their little birdies!

The same ladies fingers plant is fruiting for the second time!

Only one stalk, one leaf and one lonely ladies finger. This plant will have to go!

Happy Gardening !


  1. That spot in your garden seem like a perfect place for the birds to make a nest. Hopefully, the family gets to multiply their population size soon ;P

  2. Hi Autumn Belle,
    I have not catch any glimpse of the birds until today or even any sound. Unlike the previous time, when the birds made their nest in the tree, I can hear them chirping, coming back to their nest every morning and evening! Hopefully, the babies survived and have flown away to a whole new life!