Monday, July 5, 2010

Harvesting of one single tomato!

It has been almost three weeks since my last posting! Have been rather busy lately. I have sort of 'neglecting' my plants for a few weeks now, and it shows! Tomorrow will be a busy gardening day for me. My bitter gourd plant is really showing signs of wilting. The leaves are infected with the bugs and most of the flowers are male ones, so I guess there is no point in keeping it any longer. Anyway I have harvested 4 fruits from this plant, and they were delicious.

My tomato plant has only one single fruit! I wonder why?? There are many, many flowers but all of them just dropped off! I have search from the web about pollination, and have done just that. Maybe I did not do it right. Anyway, my precious tomato shows signs of ripening about a few days ago. And in just 3 days after that, it was right for harvesting.

I have harvested 4 ladies fingers and 3 red chillies. They tasted great, although the red chili is not hot enough!

Have a good gardening day!


  1. Wow, this tomato looks big and juicy! Looks like a good harvest you have here. Wishing you better luck with your tomato flowers next time, yeah.

  2. Hi Autumn Belle, thank you. I hope so too!

  3. It is nice to watch tomato changing colour, from green to a hint or orange, then full orange.. then RED. You do have good harvest of chili and lady's fingers. ~bangchik

  4. Hello, Bangchik, Yes, it certainly is nice harvesting homegrown veggies, isn't it!

  5. That tomato looks delicious! What a nice harvest!

  6. Please help meee... how do u take care of your tomato plant from seed to seedlings period.. when they are still like 4-5 inch tall ><! Because I am doing such a horrible job at mine.. you look like an expert maybe you could help me~


  7. Hi Carol,
    I am definitely not an expert at growing tomatoes. I really, really wish I am! Tomatoes and chili plants are the ones that I am very frustrated at, I can never seem to grow them well. The plant above has dozens of flowers but only one single fruit! It finally wilted after that one gorgeous sweet tomato! I will have to try again. What I know is when they reached a certain height, maybe about 12" high, they grow really fast after that. Mine grew to almost 6ft! Grow them in a big pot, about 12" diameter, as the roots mostly spread on the ground. You will have to provide some support for the tomato plant. I supported mine by tying the stalks to long sticks of bamboo. I do not know whether this works, but I scatter broken egg shells in the pot. Other than this, there's nothing much I can help you with! Hope you have better luck than me! Have fun gardening!

  8. Thanks kitchen flavours,

    That is a good idea.. Now I know what to do with my egg shells after cooking. XD
    3 out 5 of my tomato seedlings have died... and 1 out of 2 of my chilli has died too.. I am still a newbie at this... tomato and chilli is my first plant to grow... ><!!

    Your blog helps alot for beginner like me, and Ill have fun gardening~ it is so nice to observe them everyday.