Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My third batch of coriander - 1st container

My third batch of coriander - 2nd container

I planted these coriander plants from seeds. Wow, just a little amount of seeds, goes a long way. I just love the smell of coriander. These two containers are placed just outside my kitchen window, right where my sink is, the spot where I usually stand doing the usual kitchen chores, cutting and cleaning, washing and 'admiring' my plants from that window. And the best thing is, sometimes I can catch the most wonderful lingering scent from there. That scent would be from my coriander plants! I would usually just cut a few stems of leaf when I'm having steam fish for dinner, or would use it as garnishing, especially for chicken porridge, it makes a whole lot of difference to a dish. The fragrance of this wonderful herb plant is one of a kind!

Have you ever seen or notice how a flower of a coriander plant looks like? They are really small, white and dainty, really pretty. The three pictures above was taken about seven months back, my second batch of corianders. These are even more fragrant that my current ones now. I have forgotten which brand and types of seeds that I bought when I planted this batch. The leaves from this batch is smaller in size. Of the three batches that I have planted, these are most fragrant of all. It is so fragrant that on windy days, my kitchen will have the most pleasant scent!

Whenever my sisters or friends came to visit, there would be "ooh, the flowers are so pretty!, so this is how a coriander flower look like, I didn't even know they have flowers!" So neither do I! I did not expect flowers from my coriander plants!

When the flowers are all dried up, I can see small little seeds of coriander! They are really small. These coriander plants will always have a spot (well, two spots..) in my potted garden. The two containers by my kitchen window will always be filled with this wonderful plant.

Happy Gardening!


  1. Hi, I have been going thru your blog for quiet some time! Your coriander look so healthy!

  2. Hi Malar, welcome to my blog, really great to have your support. You can grow your own coriander too, just scatter the seeds directly in the pot, no need to transplant. I read your blog too, it seems that we have the same luck with tomatoes! Never mind, we will keep on trying. Hope to see you again here. Have a nice day.

  3. They look happy, growing in such healthy state. They respond well to the care and understanding of a gardener... well done! ~bangchik

  4. Hi Bangchik,
    Thank you for your kind words! There is so much to learn about gardening... I definitely benefit some knowledge from your blog, yours is a good example and inspiration for us to improve our love for gardening. Thank you. Have a nice day!

  5. Hi Tanamera Kayu Ara Spa,
    Welcome! Nice of you to drop by. Hope to see you again. Have a nice day.

  6. Hi, mr.pineapple man
    Well, you are not the only one! Me included!

  7. You certainly have a green thumb. This is the first time I see coriander flowers. I like to us coriander garnishing as I just love its fragrance. I think coriander and spring onions are great partners!

  8. Hi Autumn Belle,
    I think that lots of people have not seen coriander flowers or realised that they do have flowers. I was one of them until I saw the flowers in my own pot!

  9. It's lovely to have coriander in the garden. I love this herbs and buying from the market is quite a hassle as they sell in big bunch. I never seem to be able to finish them before they dried up. I have some coriander seeds from CEDTDEM's Organik Day that I have yet to sow. Seeing your plant, inspire me to sow mine soonest possible.

  10. Hi JC,
    One thing I did when I buy a bunch from the market, (which I seldom do now!), is to place them, with the roots soaked in a container with water, and put that in the fridge. It will stay fresh for a couple of days. It is pleasing to the eye when you open the fridge, a bouquet of greens! And the lovely smell of coriander each time you open the door! Try it and see!
    But nothing beats cutting from your very own pot!

  11. i heard u can actually use the coriander flower to make coriander powder.

    You are growing your flowers and plants really well in pots. I am amazed.

    I am having difficulty getting my coriander seed to start germinate, how long did you take for yours to germinate? have some tips for me please~

  12. Hi Carol,
    Nice of you to stop by. I did not know that the flowers can be used to make coriander powder, I only know that usually the seeds are used to make this. My flowers and plants sometimes have their ups and downs too. Many plants flourished and bloom beautifully whilst there are many that just wilted away.
    I sowed my coriander seeds directly in the pot and it takes about 2 to 3 weeks to germinate. But the latest batch germinate in about a week! I guess it all depends on the seeds! There is no need to transfer the baby plants to a bigger pot, just sow the seeds in the pot where you want them to grow. They need full morning sun, do not allow them to dry. Just water once a day, and if the weather is extremely hot, just like we are having now, water them again in the evening but do not water too much! When I want to use the leaf for cooking, I just snipped at the bottom part of the stem with a scissors, new leaves will grow. I use normal organic fertilizer about once a month. I hope these help you in some way. Have fun and good luck with your coriander! Have a nice weekend!

  13. Hi,

    Thank you~ right a few days after I ask you, my coriander sprung up , hehe~ so happy. but taking your tips to full account I will make sure I dont kill them, I love Coriander so much too, I would like to be able to use them so cooking too~.

    and.. Ops.. I made a mistake there.. the flowers I dont think can make powder. I thought the flowers will turn into seed right? then to use the seed make into powder right? that was what I thought.