Friday, October 15, 2010

Beyond Gardening!

A short break from gardening!

Balloon Molly
This is a cute fish with rounded, large belly. 

This little mama is pregnant. Look at the rounded belly. We were waiting almost very patiently for the babies to appear!

 Can you see the baby's tail coming out from the mother?  I actually waited and wanted to video the birthing, waited for more than half an hour and finally gave up, as I really had to go out at that time. When I came back more two hours later, she has already given birth to a few babies! But sadly, this mama fish died the next day, and she's the prettiest mama in the aquarium!

See the two little fishes following closely behind? They love to do this, I guess it's one their natural habits. These two are siblings! The are about 3 months old. The rest of their siblings died, along with their mother.

This cute little yellow molly is another little mama. She gave birth to more than 20 baby fish about 2 weeks ago. She seems to be doing well.

These are some of her babies

This is one mighty proud male fish.  He likes to spread out his top fins when pursuing the female, male ego? I don't see other male fish doing this! 

 Baby fish gets to hide in little caves and holes. The bigger fish, even their own mother are known to eat their young, and I have seen this before.  My hubby and myself witness the birthing of the babies a couple of months back and saw the mother ate one of her young just minutes after birth! Both of us are speechless at that very moment! But that is nature.  

There are four of this little fish with the black stripe, all siblings.  They are about 3 weeks old. 

Our little aquarium! Watching the cute little antics and habits of these little fishes can have a calming effect. They always seems to know the feeding time, they will get very excited and swam to the top waiting for the food when its time for feeding.  The lovely green plant is from our own bigger plant (this will be a separate post). It can last for at least 4 months, sometimes even longer,  in the aquarium. 

Beyond Gardening shall continue.... in due time!


  1. Ciao

    How did you manage to get your water tank photos so clear! Every time I try I get a reflection...

    great pics and fish.



    follow you...

  2. Cute little babies. Do you need to get more aquarium tank for these babies for space?

  3. Oh wow your aquarium is really beautiful... no wonder all your fish are so happily multiplying ;-D

    I was just about to ask if that's an aquatic plant. I'll wait for your next post then.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Aren't you lucky to witness the birthing of the baby mollies. We have some guppies all the way from Ipoh(!) and it's easy looking after them.

  5. What a lovely post. She's a beauty, almost like a balloon. Does the male fish swallow the babies?

  6. This is a great capture and the photos are clear. So lucky to witness this memorable birthing process. Some of the little fishes look like ikan bilis. It reminds me of times when I was a kid, I used to breed sword fishes with my grandma. In those days, we don't even have a bubbling pump. I don't know why the guppies and gold fishes that I buy nowadays are sterile or all male.

  7. Hi Alessandra,
    Thank you for stopping by and being my newest follower! It is not easy to get a clear shots of the fishes. They are constantly swimming around! I hold my camera at a slight angle pointing down to avoid the reflection. This seems to work for me. Try it and see!

    Hi Malay-Kadazan girl,
    Well, not all the baby fish will survive to adulthood, some of them will die along the way. I will give some away when they get a little bigger to someone who has been 'eyeing' this cute fishes. If the aquarium gets too crowded, there's another one little 'pond' at my front porch (there's three actually!) which can be their new home.

    Hi Stephanie,
    I will post on this plant later. Have a nice day!

    Hi Keats The Sunshine Girl,
    Yup, it's not often one can witness the birth of baby fishes, and I always thought they hatch from eggs! I have guppies too. They are constantly multiplying!

    Hi One,
    Thank you. Yes, the male fish eats the baby too! I've seen this before too!

    Hi Autumn Belle,
    Gold fish are not easy to multiply. Will post on our gold fish later. The guppies shouldn't be a problem. Ours are multiplying all the time. When you buy guppies, buy some females. Tips : buy the female with the biggest tummy, chances they are already pregnant! The female may not look very cute, their tail may not be as colourful or attractive as the male's, but they will reward you with cute little guppies in no time!

  8. You can identify the babies and the mother? Wow!
    You have so cute little fish! Your aquarium look great!

  9. Great post abt your cute little mollies Autumn Belle! I know the feeling, just watching the fish and their antics in your aquarium is therapeutic and have a calming effect..time just flies!

  10. Hi Malar,
    The little fishes are really cute! Now I can see their little tummy is rounder, just like the adult fish!

    Hi p3chandan,
    Yes, time just flies when one really sits and watch!

  11. Like national geographic! Well done and fantastic photos!

  12. That's a nice aquarium you have there. The fishes are beautiful too. Too bad that the beautiful mama fish died after delivering her babies.