Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


  1. I just love your beautiful plants and your beautiful photos. What is your cat's name, it is soooooooo cute! Great picture.
    Have a great day!

  2. Not allowed! Why Wordless on Wednesday? Why not Wordy, Wild or Whacky? I object! Wordless, so you have time to bake another cake and let my stomach secrete another 10ml of gastric juice?

  3. Wonderful findings and pictures! Is that a little grasshopper in the hibiscus?

  4. Hi Miz Helen,
    The cat is a stray cat. Found it loitering around looking hungry a couple of months ago, fed it some milk and some food. It came back to eat a couple of times but it has grown so much now and have not seen it in a while. Thank you for stopping by.

    Hi One,
    Wow! OK, the next one will be "Smiley Wednesday"! No words needed when you smile!

  5. Hi Stephanie,
    The pictures are all from my garden! Yes, that is a little grasshopper in my yellow hisbiscus.
    I just left him there. The leaves of my small hibiscus plants are all gone, eaten up by the bigger ones. Evidence.... the grasshoppers droppings on the floor!

  6. Thankfully not wordless replies as well. :) Now that I have eaten lunch, you can post all the yummy cakes you want.

  7. Interesting pictures. My curry tree is still so baby can't take the leaves yet. Yours are fruiting I see.

  8. Beautiful pictures! Wordless Wednesday is actually a meme where you link in your post to their site and encourage the participants to visit each other. For me, the fun with WW is that the blog writer doesn't have to write anything and but let the commenters have a say.

  9. Beautiful capture! That's your cat? so cute little fellow!

  10. Hi One,
    Already posted yummy bitter gourd. The next post will be even yummier, it's a dessert, great especially after a full lunch in this hot weather! Ha! Ha! So feast your eyes!

    Hi Malay-Kadazan girl,
    Yes, that's the fruit of my curry leaves plant. Will try to sow it from seeds later, hopefully it will germinate.

    Hi Autumn Belle,
    Yes, I did not link to their site, thought I just post it! I agree, sometimes words are not needed at all!

    Hi Malar,
    Thank you but that is not my cat. It's a hungry stray cat. Fed it some milk and food a couple of times. Did not see him anymore, wonder where has he gone to??? Maybe to Pet Creek...?? ^..^

  11. There has been a whitish looking cat roaming around lately. But it is an adult, not a kitten. Your home would be a better place than Pet Creek. Warm milk with cakes and desert. Yum... Yum...

  12. Love the picture of the cluster of curry plant berries at different stages of ripening. A common sight but look rather exotic on close-ups.

  13. Hi One,
    I'm afraid the cat doesn't eat cakes and dessert. No wonder it has ran away to somewhere else!

    Hi Elsie Xie,
    Yes, it is a common sight, but looks beautiful close-ups. Waiting for the fruits to dry and will see how the seeds actually looks like.

  14. you can go into part-time photography too!