Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Garden Pest Strikes Again and Again!

What am I to do??   My neighbour's cats are continuing harassing my garden!

I planted this okra in a round pot, protected by a smaller pot with cut-out bottoms and surrounded with wooden chopsticks.   

This is another pot of okra seedling. I did not surround the plant with chopsticks, cause I have run out of them, so many pots to protect, and I have yet to buy more! Look at what the cat did!   I think that I should get more sticks that are much longer and place them around my pots like a protective shield! All the inconvenience, just because the owner is irresponsible!

My container of spring onions, which I placed some sticks across and around. Look at it now!

The owner is getting irritated with me for complaining again the last time. Ever since my last post on the cats' mischief, they have been doing it again and again for at least a dozen time. Most of the time they did their "little bussines" in the pot! I would not like to pick a quarrel with a neighbour over some cats, but I am at a loss over what to do!  These are not the only pots of plants they destory!

I could not plant my veggies without the thought of finding ways of protecting my plant! This is stressful gardening! Hobbies are supposed to be stress free, and joyful, in my case, it is exactly the opposite! I have this fear of my veggies being dug out and would constantly check my veggies each morning to see whether are they in place as they should be. And would check for any disgusting smell! Now this is  SGS, Stressful Garden Syndrome! So I have not been planting my veggies as much as I would love to!

Obviously talking to the owner again is out of the question now! I think that she is ready to pick a quarrel with me anytime now!

Do you have a cat or problems with cats in your garden?  How do you overcome them? Would love to hear any advice, please! 


  1. Oh.. I know how you feel.. I have the same problem.. I even have rats coming to eat up all the vegetables!!

    I am thinking of making these plastic containers to house my pots and boxes of vegetables.. it is basically a box without the top.. the sides are transparent plastic and the top I will use a netting. I do hope this will deter all pests from digging and eating my vegetables.

  2. I had the same problem! But it is all settled now. The cats came to my house to poo in the veggie beds almost everyday. I put netting to cover the beds but it never helped. So i let my dog to do the job for me (patrol around)- my big doberman. Since then the cats never come anymore. Actually im okay with cats if they don't disturb my plants. Good luck to you.

  3. Oh dear. I'm sure it is stressful. I feel stressed just looking at that mess.

    Talking to the cat owners would not help. What can they do? Cats climb everywhere.

    I'll offer some suggestions here but have not tested myself.
    1. Sprinkle orange peels.
    2. Sprinkle coffee ground.
    3. Sprinkle tiger poop.
    4. Have a word with the cats. Who knows? They might understand.

  4. Sorry to hear that... I heard about a technique used by some. Wait for it to come, the moment it is about to "do" it, let out the loudest shout!... It wont come again.

  5. Aiya...This is very stressful. I was looking at your first photo and thought what if you plant some of your self-sowed sawtooth coriander around it, if you find they don't like to get close to that plant. You are having problem with seedlings only? and the establish plant are safe?

  6. Hahaha...Bangchik's suggestion is really funny and cute! But seriously, I sympathise with you Joy, just look at the mess they did, I would be stressed out too! How about preventing the cats from coming into your compound, like putting wire nettings at the gate or the place of their entry?

  7. Hi Joyce, I keep on thinking of your poor pots. The first main reason those cats are very attracted to your garden will be because of that bare soil they like to play with. Cats like sand right.Is your neighbour using sand for their cats to poo on or are toilet train like my parents. Why not cover that soil very thickly like mulch using dried leaves or cut lemon grass leave tops and cover that soil around very young seedlings. This will prevent weeds to pop out as well. I don't think lemon grass leaves feel good against those furry cat.

  8. this is what we call cekik darah! put thumbtacks???

  9. Yes, I had the same problem. I also find that talking to pet owners won't help. Most of them love their pets but they don't care about pet owner ettique. This was what I did:
    1. I have to collect all the cat poo, tapau (pack) and dispose it in the bin because it has bacteria which is bad for the plants and children. Maybe the cat will come back if they smell their own poo - they may think your garden is their WC. I'm sure the owner won't let the cat poo in his/her own yard.

    2. Everytime I open a packet of Nescafe refill, I add some water to the empty packet and sprinkle the coffee drink around my lawn especially on those places the cat like to poo.

    3. I fill 1 or 2 mineral bottle with water and place in on the ground. It seems they don't like the sun's reflection on the bottles.

    The remedy seemed to have worked for me. I especially think that no. 1 is important. Putting fencing and netting didn't help for me because they can climb over walls and ceilings and they can jump and land like a flying trapeeze.

    If all else fail, I think you really need a dog, which is the cat's natural enemy! Let nature help you.

  10. A friend of mine had this exact same problem. What I did for her is I went and bought some chicken wire (those with 1cm x 1cm) grid (Around RM10 per square meter) and make a perimeter fence around 4-6 inches tall. Cut it to length with the pointy bits on top then you place it on top of the pots, press it slightly into the soil. Cylindrical shape for round pots, rectangular for rectangle pots...It solved my friend's cat invasion problem. The larger grid chicken wire (1.5in x 1.5in) can be used this very same way except the height is 3-4 ft tall to make supports for climbing plants like cucumber and beans to settle nicely in a pot!

  11. Hello! I have just come across your blog via Autumn Belle and share your problem although mine may be worse as I am dealing with strays. Yes, plural, more than one. Please let me know what works best for you.

  12. I have the same experience as yours. It hurts me much to work all day for my garden only to find out that moles are already destroying all of it.