Monday, March 2, 2015

Chinese Spinach (Amaranth)

I love Chinese Spinach (yin choy), especially the round leaf variety. The young tender leaves and stems when stir-fry, tastes really good. These veggies are easy to grow and can be harvested in just 45 days from date of sowing. 

I did not harvest this earlier and they are getting mature with signs of flowers. 

First harvest :
Since these are a little too old to stir-fry, I used them to make some noodles. Blend the leaves and stems with a small amount of water, strain and use the juice for noodle making.

Second harvest : 
The leaves and stems are young, tender and sweet. 

Since the amount is not enough to stir-fry, they went into a quick lunch of instant noodles! 

Happy Gardening !


  1. Aha... so I am not alone hehe... I harvest mine and have to get more from the market to stir fry haha... Anyway, my pot of yin choy is looking rather pathetic these days. I can only harvest one shrub at a time :-( Btw, that spinach noodle looks yummy and you are really good in growing veggies!

  2. Joyce, I love spinach too! I like them either way - stir fried with garlic and salt or in soups. It is so wonderful that you have this in your garden!

  3. Your Spinach looks fantabulous Joyce! I think I would prefer to try growing this kind rather than the other. It doesn't seem to take up as much room and I'm sure it is just as yummy. It will soon be time to sow spinach around here because it is a cool crop. Although, first I would have to dig away about 2 feet of snow, UG!

    Thanks for sharing, Joyce...

  4. Wwo! That's handful of harvest! You're jsut so creative ! Yummy noodles!

  5. Wonderful photos. So fresh and beautiful.

  6. Oh... spinach is fabulous! Wonderful photos!

  7. so nice! i also must start clearing & planting again. one big problem now is the soil behind is infested with red ants inside! i have poured racun semut but after few months come back again. cilaka lah this semut! ~ adik loyn.. ;-)

  8. Hi i would love to try start my own garden, anyone can advice where can I buy the veg seed? Thanks jt

    1. Hi JT
      You can buy the seeds from any supermarkets, look for the gardening section. Or from Ace Hardwared, from the nursery or even from online orders like Lestary Seeds
      Good luck with your garden and wish you a bountiful harvest!