Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gardening A Game

Malar of My Little Garden has invited me for a game of "Gardening A Game".  Now for this game, we are supposed to do the following :

1. Inform who invited you
2. List 10 things you like to do
3. Invite 10 other bloggers

Malar is quite a gardener! As I have mentioned to her (twice), she has more green thumb than brown! If you visit her blog, then you will know what I mean!

10 things I like to do :

1.  Gardening ! My love for gardening is inspired by my mother. She loved to plant. When I was small, staying in the village, she grew jambu air (water apple) which is extremely sweet, guava (crunchy and delicious), serai, daun pandan, jasmine, roses.... the list goes on.

2.  My first fruit tree that I planted was when I was about 12 years old. I planted a rambutan tree from seed but when the plant was about 2 years old, we had to move. I was almost in tears at leaving behind my beloved tree!

3. I have always love flowers that are yellow in colour! Most of the time I do not know the name of plants! So sometimes it is very difficult to ask about a certain plant at the nursery!

4. I would love to have a big gardening space, my little 'big' private garden, where I could plant all the plants that I love!  At the moment I have to make do with pots and containers.

5. Besides gardening, I love to bake and cook! Again, inspired by my mother, who was a great cook. I love trying out new recipes.

6. My favourite section at the bookstore will be at the cookery and gardening section.  I could spend hours just browsing and reading the fabulous books!  The glossy pictures of perfectly maintained gardens with all the beautiful flowers and greens are enough to dazzle me, hence I would dream about "my own dream garden"!

7. I'm basically a homey person, so travelling is not that important nor at the top of my list.

8. I love to read, though mostly now it has been taken over by gardening books, magazines and cookbooks!

9. I love coffee, must have my cup of coffee first thing in the morning before I start my day.

10. I love to check on my emails, meaning that friends are not that far away!

Invite 10 other bloggers :
I am inviting the following blogger friend for this game and for anyone else, please feel free to join in, it would be fun to know you.

1. Go Right In My Garden - p3Chandan, Selangor, Malaysia


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog and adding me in your bloglist and follower.
    Im very glad to link up with more gardener friends and probably may able to help you a little in identifying for you some of the names of your plants.

    Nice to know a little more more about your gardening & baking as you shared here.

  2. We have some similarities. Coffee is more important than travelling. :) You amaze me with your cooking and baking. You are really good. How do you find the time?

  3. Hydroponics

    Well, thanx for sharing an interesting and useful info………my mom like to do gardening……and I help her…its really enjoyable!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi James Missier,
    Thanks for visiting. And it would be wonderful that you could help me with identifying some plants. Have a nice day!

    Hi One,
    Yup, nothing beats coffee in the mornings! Thank you for your kind compliment! You embarass me, I'm not that good, just good enough for my family! Where do I find the time? My siblings asked me the same question too! With a family to cook for, I guess time is just another factor!

    Hi Jiniffer Sen,
    Yes, gardening is really enjoyable when shared with someone who has passion and great joy in getting their hands dirty! Thank you for visiting!

  5. So glad to know more about you and find that we do have a lot in common. What type of coffee do you like best?

  6. Most folks don't know the names of most flowers and plants. I have a good friend who says there are two kinds of flowers. Roses and others.

    I believe coffee is one of the major food groups. Isn't it???


  7. Thanks for sharing. Now I am trying to imagine a 12 year old schoolchildren crying over a rambutan tree she is about to leave behind... should be quite a sight. haha... Cheers,~bangchik

  8. Hi Autumn Belle,
    I love the local coffee, though now, I always drink the instant ones. Waking up at 5.30am each morning, I need something instant to perk me up!

    Hi Steve,
    You have a smart friend! I would like to believe coffee is one of the major food groups, if this helps from making me feel guilty sometimes when I reach for the third or fourth cup.... LOL! Thank you for dropping by. Have a lovely day.

    Hi Bangchik,
    Yes, now I find it amusing, but not then! Imagine my first fruit tree and I am unable to taste the first fruit! And it was the yellow rambutan, my favourite! When we moved, the tree was much taller than me. Now I don't have the space to plant even if I wanted to!

  9. It's fun to learn more things about you as a blogger friend.

    I am also a coffee person and I need at least a cup of Kopi O to start my day. Without day would be without the Oommph factor.

  10. Hi kitchen flavours..thanks for yr invitation to join the gardening game, Im honoured, will try to do justice to yr invitation! So sorry didnt reply earlier, just came back frm Muar, celebrated Hari Raya with frens..thanks again

  11. Hi p3chandan
    Welcome back again! Wah, long holiday, ya! I'm sure you had a very good Hari Raya. It's okay, there's no any fast rules here, enjoy the game! Have fun!