Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some New Plants

Some new plants in pots:

 Baby carrots. Boy are these slow! These are more than one month old! 

Capsicum! Knowing my experience with chillies, will this be the same?

Radish! I have three of this. Planning to add more, three is not enough for my family!

The ever popular, easy growing spring onions. The one right in front with the bigger shoots is grown from big onions. The one behind it is grown from shallots. Shallots will give a more fragrant but narrower shoots. I usually use this for garnishing. For the big onions, I plant the smaller sized ones, these will give larger, broader shoots which I usually use for stir-fries.   Do you call these leaves or shoots or stems?  Can anyone clarify on this?  Whatever it is called, this is a must have with my kids when they have their chicken porridge. 

Chives! I have a battle with chives. They just refused to grow for me and I have been trying again and again. I think this is the third packet of seeds that finally have grown to this height. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will continue to grow. It is actually growing ever so slowly! I think that it is testing my patience! I have never seen chives sold in the market with the roots still intact, unlike the corianders.  Otherwise they can be grown direct from the market!

Faithful ladies fingers!  This is easy to grow and easy to fruit too!  I have four of this!

Nai pak. Only these and a few more.  The snails has a party with the rest of the seedlings! 

Update on the sawtooth coriander.  The number of flowers are more than a dozen from one single stem! And they are more sturdy and spikey that the leaves.

Happy Gardening


  1. Very soon, you'll not need to go to the market anymore. We grow different veggie. I have mani cai, spinach and lotus roots...

  2. Don't worry with the chives, I also have trouble to get the seeds germinate. Chives its difficult to propagate from seeds, it is better by division if you already have a clump of it. I sow many but only few germinate and grow so slow. Mine is similar with yours:)We just make sure not use all of it but make plant new one with division.

  3. Very nice, with a little bit of each around the house. I grow lady's finger on the ground, they do better and grow taller. Chives may be difficult to germinate, but once they set in, they will continue for many years... ~bangchik

  4. Keep trying the same kind of seeds again pays. Sometimes I think the seeds that did not germinate are actually not viable seeds. But when you buy new ones, they will germinate.

    Your seedlings are looking good ;-) I have grown spring onions before but their leaves kept breaking under the rain. Yours look really beautiful. Have fun growing them yeah.

  5. Wow, I didn't know that we can grow carrots in our high temperature. It would be fun to dig out carrots from your own garden.

    You have a wide variety of vegies in your garden. It would come a day where you just need to go over to your garden and pluck whatever you need to cook for dinner. Reminds me of River Cottage or Jamie Oliver. Isn't that fun?

    Hope your chives would flourish.

  6. Hi One,
    Ya! very soon the market will lose one customer! He! He!

    Hi Malay-Kadazan girl,
    Hi Bangchik,
    Yes, I read that chives is difficult to germinate from seeds. But the market usually sells without the roots, so there is no chance for me to grow it from clumps. Have to wait for them to grow strong and healthy!

    Hi Stephanie,
    Yes, you are right, sometimes its the seeds! But in this case, I have read and heard from others that chives are difficult to germinate from seeds.

    Hi JC
    Yes, we can grow carrots over here. My sister just harvested hers! There are three baby carrots from one plant. It is her first time growing carrots, she is so excited and I am too! She has a few more plants not harvested yet, the flowers are really beautiful, white in colour.
    You watch River Cottage too? I love this show, the veggies are all to die for! Well as for Jamie Oliver, yes, I do go to the garden with a scissors for my parsley, curry leaves, kaffir lime leaves and others, but I wash them first before cooking! Jamie Oliver style is from balcony direct to the cooking pot! He! He! I love his show too!

  7. The seedling look good!
    Carrot in KL? Wow that's great! I should try them too!

  8. Many types of vegetables thriving in pots. That's really great! You got me inspired to do more with vege gardening.

  9. Hi,

    I was just wondering how did you grow the carrot, is it from the carrot top or the carrot seed?
    If you grow from seed, where did you get the seed?

  10. Hi Anonymous,
    I sowed the carrots from seeds. You can get the seeds from nurseries or from supermarket like Tesco or Giant. Thank you for stopping by!

  11. Hi,
    Happy Chinese New year! I finally found some carrot seeds, but after reading some websites online, it said that carrots don't do well in hot weather but require cool weather with full sun. where do you plant your carrots? Thanks (:

    1. Hi,
      Happy Chinese New Year! My carrots seedlings died! Growing carrots in not easy in our weather here, I must admit. You might want to have a look from this blog, where carrots have been successfully grown in a home-garden right here in Selangor!

      Thank you for stopping by!