Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sawtooth Coriander / My Corianders!

Since my last posting a week ago, the flower of the sawtooth coriander has branched out to 3.  It can branch out to more flowers from one single stem that grows from the root.  Went to my sister's house during the weekend, the sawtooth coriander at her neighbour's house are growing very well!  They really spread out, and if you are not familiar with this plant, you would have thought that they are perhaps cow grass at a glance (that's what my other sister thought!).  Here are the pictures of the flowers taken this morning.

Two more flowers branch out from the single one.  Can you see the one on the right, I think another flower is growing from it.  Soon there will be four!  Wondering how many more  flowers can it grow?

View from the top

I think these are the seeds in the centre!  


Look at the leaves! Attacked by some "fleas", know what these are??

My beautiful corianders! 

They have to go. Not risking the unwanted "fleas" to spread to my other two pots!

What's left of the container.  Have checked, doubled checked and triple checked for any signs of the fleas or their eggs!  So far so good, this particular one seems to be free! Anyway, spray with some organic pesticide just to be sure! Will leave this for a few days before sowing more seeds!


This is my new pot of parsley, sowed them about a little more than a month ago!  Hope they will continue to grow well!


  1. Your Sawtooth Coriander looking really good. Sad to see a healthy plant infested, ya? If only I can send some ladybugs over to rescue your coriander. But then the health of my mango tree is also deteriorating. Ladybugs prefer to just stay on the chilli plant.

  2. The flower spike look good!
    It does look like aphid to me.... I just hate them! They always kill my vegetables!

  3. Looks like the sawtooth coriander is really productive in flourishing flowers for you ;-)

    As for the pest on your coriander, I think just cut the leaves off as it looks like it's heavily infested already...

    Nice parsley there ;-D

  4. With pest, its very much wait and see game. Older people seem to believe that with pest marks on leaves is a sure sign that the leaves are naturally safe to be consumed... Putting away heavily infested plants is a reasonable approach. I would just do the same. You seem to be ok germinating and see them growing with coriander and parsley. I am still learning at crawling pace.... ~bangchik

  5. Hi One,
    Thanks for your offer on your ladybug! I think your ladybug would love my bitter gourd leaves! Sorry to hear about your mango plant. Hope that it will turn round and withstand whatever is attacking it!

    Hi Malar,
    Yes, once infested, it is better to get rid of the plants.

    Hi Stephanie
    When I checked this morning, it has grown to a total of seven flowers! The flowers can multiply very fast! I have already pull out the coriander plants, there is no point of saving them since they are already heavily infested!

    Hi Bangchik,
    Letting go of the infested plants is the best approach. Hopefully my coriander and parsley will continue to grow healthily.

  6. Your sawtooth coriander is very special and growing well. You did the right thing on the heavily infested plant. That's what I do too because I do not want to use pesticides on my vegies. Good luck with the healthy ones!

  7. The fleas look like green sesame seeds!

  8. Hi Autumn Belle,
    You have a very interesting and fitting descriptions on the fleas!

  9. I had seen this plant in my friends garden but never knew that they were sawtoothed coriander.
    Hope your plants recover from the invasion - its better if you could deal with them soon before they attack all your garden plants.

    Alternatively, if you are up to organic pest control - you can use a tablespoon of chilli powder, dishwasher soap and cooking oil. Mix them in a cup and (1/2 liter water) & pour it in a sprayer and gun them down.
    It will reduce the pest population - they will come back eventually, but its better than using dangerous chemicals if you are using your plants for cooking.

  10. I just love your container garden. I don't think I have ever seen fleas on a plant like that. I really like the solution that your reader James Missier offered. We use that solution in our organic garden sometimes.

  11. Hi James Missier,
    Thank you for your tip on the homemade organic pest control. Will definitely give it a try.

    Hi Miz Helen,
    It is nice to see you at my potted garden. Yes, it was kind of James Missier to give such a helpful info on garden pest control. Will be trying that one, I guess that you have successful results using this? Hope to see you again. Have a nice day!

  12. Your sawtooth coriander is really flourishing!! Soon you can start selling them..ha ha..

  13. Aiyoh...jahat lah the insect on the coriander. Sigh!