Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My dear Rosemary!

I'm in the midst of clearing the front garden, with lots of interruption in between, rain, an "official driver" for my kids, preparing meals, household chores, blah, blah, blah....!  So meanwhile, here's one of my favourite pot of plant.....Rosemary.

Rosemary is one of my favourite herb. I have a few favourite herbs, I don't actually know which one I like the best, I like all of them! But then again, Rosemary definitely belongs amongst one of the top spot on my list of herbs. 

Rosemary is a woody, perennial herb with fragrant leaves. Rosemary is high in iron, calcium,, and vitamin B6. For more info on Rosemary Herbs, refer to Wikipedia, it is really interesting to read about this amazing herb.

This is my third pot of Rosemary for the last two years or so. Each time it was infested by a small lice like bug, looks like the "kutu" which can be found in uncooked rice grains. The only way to control this lice-like bug is to do it manually, remove them by hand. I do not use the spray as I use the leaves quite frequently. 

Spotted them on my Rosemary plant this morning. Got to remove them soon or the whole plant will be full of them. I noticed that this bug only infest on Rosemary and Sage, they do not infest on other herbs that I placed nearby. Have you seen this bug in your pot of Rosemary before? Get rid of them quick, they won't kill the plant instantly, but the plant will eventually die at a slow pace. Does anyone know the name of this bug?

I have never been successful at propagating rosemary until now, I failed each time I tried. Seems like the last batch that I did a little over a month ago has succeeded! I propagated two stems and both of them have roots now. Rosemary cuttings should be taken from the soft or new wood on the plant. 

I use a lot of parsley and coriander in my kitchen, and rosemary follow closely behind. I have been asked before about how I make use of the herbs from my garden. These are some of the meals that I've made using Rosemary which can be found  over at my kitchen blog. Just click on the name of the dish for the full recipe :

Rosemary Bread

Rosemary Ciabatta Rolls

Chicken Burger with Garlic-Rosemary Mayonnaise

Baked Chicken Wing with Rosemary and Sesame Seeds

Herb Roast Chicken

Pineapple-Rosemary Sorbet

Happy Gardening !


  1. Hey I love rosemary too. Basil is another favorite, oh I love all kinds of herbs! Have you planted any of the seeds you won from my contest yet? I'll be doing another contest very soon. Have a great week Joyce!

  2. Rosemary is used as my pest control in the garden. So far i've not seen the bugs you described. They make my hair stands... But scroll down you make me drool on your food photos :)~

  3. I'd love to start planting some herbs but the seeds I bought never germinated. My favorite is dill! I dream of having a herb garden in pots, but that hasn't happened you grow them from seeds? Where can I get them?

  4. Mmm...I have not seen this bug on our rosemary. When you propagate the stem for new plants, i read somewhere that dip the stem in honey first or aloe vera something like that. My mom when she went back to tanahairku brought back our propagated rosemary. This month was the first time we have seen our rosemary bloom. Thanks for linking those happy give some idea of what to cook during this easter holiday long weekend.

  5. Your rosemary looks so lush and healthy, do you put them in the sun or shade? I like to grow them but dont have the idea how to add to a cooking especially our local cooking. Your recipes are mouthwatering as always! Thanks for sharing Joy!

  6. WOw so many recipes with rosemary! Look so delicious!

  7. Those kutu on the rosemary look big- you can just pluck them away! Clever you to have so many ideas on using your herbs to make the lovely dishes.

  8. Hi Priscilla,
    I love Basil too. I've sowed the carrot seeds and it has already sprouted after only 3 days! Will be sowing the sweet peas as soon as my front yard is ready. Thank you!

    Hi milka,
    Rosemary as pest control? Sounds interesting. The bug seems to infest on each Rosemary and Sage that I have! I wonder why! You don't have to drool, make use of the Rosemary in your cooking pot, I highly recommend the burger, yummy!

    Hi mahfudz,
    Some of the herb plants I sowed from seeds, others from propagating and also some seedlings from the nurseries. I bought them from Sg. Buloh.

    Hi Diana,
    That is an interesting info on propagating Rosemary. Will that make them root faster? Will try it today. My Rosemary has never flower before, though I'm always eager for it to do just that! Enjoy your long Easter Weekend!

    Hi Shida,
    I just leave the pot of Rosemary under the sun. The easiest way to use up the rosemary is try the burger, or the roast chicken! Really good!

    Hi Malar,
    Thank you! I think that the monkey would think twice about disturbing this plant!

    Hi Keats,
    The kutu is actually quite small. It is a hassle to pick them one by one, but I have no other choice!

  9. You are really clever! I have rosemary too. Just a small pot. I have many herbs which I do not know how to use...yet. Dill is flowering right now. If I have used it, I guess it won't be flowering. But the tiny yellow flowers quite nice also la.

  10. Our rosemary plants do not suffer from any problems, thank god... you have such a good selection of recipes with rosemary... think I may try the roast chicken one day... thanks!

  11. hi! i love your blog! i do a blog hop on sundays and i would love if you came over and shared something!

  12. my friend propagated rosemary off of my bush and i was happy for her because shortly after there was a frost and i lost the whole plant. her's rooted really well and are doing great!