Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Little Harvest

My front garden is  starting to look like a vegetable garden, that's what my hubby said today. That is nice actually! The only veggie at the moment are the spring onions, kangkung and a few pots of cherry tomatoes.

These are some spring onions which I planted more than two weeks ago. I have already harvested some, and some of the smaller ones,  I planted just a few days ago.

 Another two pots of spring onions which I planted about a week ago, and a pot of kangkung.

Some kangkung which I planted today, look at the snail already enjoying the veggies!

My little harvest !

 Some spring onions and parsley harvested yesterday. 

 My first cute little radish, it is so tiny! After months of growing, that's all there is! Hopefully the new batch will fare better!

Harvested more spring onions and some kangkung today. 

I love growing spring onions, they are extremely easy to grow and I use them frequently in my kitchen. There are more growing at my front garden. Thanks to Tesco again, I bought the sprouted onions at a bargain and now they are rewarding me with lovely greens. Gave some fresh spring onions to a friend in my neighbourhood and she is requesting me to get some sprouted onions for her when I'm at Tesco the next time! She is excited at growing her own spring onions now!

The carrots and broccoli seeds which I sowed have already sprouted and I saw some very tiny seedlings of the celery seeds growing too. I'm waiting for these seedlings to grow a little bigger before I could transfer them to their new veggie bed, at least not for another two weeks or so.  

Happy Gardening !


  1. very very nice!!! Well done! well done!! What do you intend to do with the raddish?? Hehehe.. make loh pak koh??

  2. Congrats Joy! Hope you have many many more harvests!

  3. I was not allowed to post a comment this morning, it says something about malware... Hope it works this time after i click 'post comment'. Anyway i wanted to say, your new vege garden looks great-lah! Spring onion is always my favourite in my supper, hope to get more cheap sprouted ones from Tesco on my next visit.

  4. Hi!
    Now I am growing my own basil, parsley, chives and fullstop:))

    Lovely read your post

  5. Nice green crunchy harvest for the dinner table. I would suggest planting the onions keliling the container and kangkung in the middle to reduce pest. Celery will need a very very very deep container if you are growing them into pots.

  6. I had the same problem like Milka. I clicked on your post but was not even able to view it. It says there is Malware.

    You know, you've been talking about Spring Onion and I have been going to Tesco to look for them but in vain. The old veggie used to be there on a rack but they have dismantled the rack so I keep looking for the onions elsewhere but have never found them. Maybe you bought them all.

  7. Hi One,
    Didn't you read in the news today that there's a new spring onion vegetable farm opening soon called,"My Little Potted Spring Onions Farm"? :)

    If you can't find the pre-packed ones, buy the loose ones when they are really cheap, choose the ones already sprouted! Good luck!

  8. wow! your veggie growing really fast..i will get some from tesco too!!

  9. Your spring onion looks fresh! Parsely? I never have luck with Parsely and Coriandar too!
    Throw in show egg shells ar as wht MKZ told plant it in the middle of onion!

  10. I wanted to stop by and see how your harvest was going...I am not growing spring onions, but yours look fantastic :)

  11. I am so envious. You,P3,MKG, Milka,Malar, One, -all of you so rajin lah. My last surviving herb, the basil plant, died on me last month.What to do?
    Have you heard about my new meme MISSION QUITE POSSIBLE? Hope you'll come over to my travel blog and join in.

  12. Nice long beans! Have you tried adding organic fertilizer? Wow did you grow you spring onions from seed? Mine seems to take forever! I don't know if I will have success with them. Great harvest. How are your carrots and peas doing?

  13. So jealous of all your wonderful plants!

  14. Wonderful harvest of spring onions!Mine grow skinny:( Wonder why?? You're nicely rewarded.

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