Monday, April 18, 2011

My New Plans

Now that I am looking forward to start planting veggies again, I am a little cool now, over my anger at the cats. I know that I have said it before, but I'll say it again, Thank You, all, for 'listening' and cracking your heads for ideas and suggestions to help me with this irritating problem. I deeply appreciate all your lovely gestures.

My new plan is to turn my front garden to a veggie garden, as I am done with thinking of ways on how to protect my plants, it is a mentally tiring and torturing way of gardening! Not to mention how that has affected my mood, hopefully I won't get hypertension from the stress! I have not been sowing more seeds than I should, since the problem with the cats arise, even the few veggies that I sowed was destroyed, the worst thing was, the Komatsuna seedlings from the seeds that Diana sent to me from her beloved garden in Adelaide has been destroyed. That really upsets me. So I'm putting these problems aside and start afresh, sounds great, isn't it? 

At the moment, the "residents" over at my front potted garden are the herbs, a few gerberas and some other plants. Since some of the plants are also showing signs of wilting, they will make way for my new veggies. I have started to sow some seeds, nai pak, brocolli, celery, kangkung and carrots. I'm looking forward for these seeds to germinate, and will have to clear the space and prepare the new veggie beds.  One happy news is  my cherry tomatoes which I planted in pots at my front garden, are showing fruits! Though they are still very, very, tiny, I am thrilled to bits! Keeping my fingers crossed that they won't drop off!
Over at the back garden, I'm planning to plant serai, pineapple, more yam and perhaps get a few bigger plants from Sg. Buloh. I have planted two heads of pineapple today, even though I may not harvest any  fruits for the next 18 months or so, I do not mind. I have successfully planted pineapples before, as they are really easy, and doesn't require much care. The plant can grow really huge, even better to keep those irritating creatures away. 

Tesco is having a gardening carnival now, nothing much of interest, except the black soil is selling at RM1.18 per packet.  Just bought a big pack of sprouted onions at only RM0.79! These onions will be planted in the new veggie bed at the front. I do have a container of onions at my front garden which I planted two weeks ago, they are growing well, safe and sound! So I think my decision of turning my front yard to a vegetable garden, hopefully, is a right one.

Just for smiles! You won't expect to see a toy water gun in a gardening blog!
But I thought that it deserves to be introduced. My personal weapon against those irritating creatures. My son's toy water gun. This gun can shoot quite a distance! I don't have toys like this when I was young, so this is great to play with! Satisfaction guaranteed when those creatures run with their tails between their legs! But they always come back, then I get to play again!

Happy Gardening !


  1. Hahaha!! I want to play too.

    The soil at Tesco has been at RM1.18 for the last 2 years. Before that I bought at 99sen only.

    I am also in the midst of growing more veggies. I have already harvested most of the old ones except for mani cai which is always ongoing. Now I am moving towards big containers to grow my veggies to avoid them getting trampled by my dogs.

  2. Good for your Joy..dont be too stressed out over the cats. Just enjoy your gardening project, hope to see them in your next posts. Like the idea of water pistol...have fun!

  3. I think a using the front yard as a veggie garden is a wonderful idea. My front yard is full off vegetables and I like playing with flower and herbs to make it look like ornamental garden.

  4. Haha, your ammo looks very canggih! Remember to load it. I mix edible plants and herbs with the ornamentals in my front yard too.

  5. Haha haha haha!! You really made me laughed! I thought it was a drill that you gonna use it to make your veggie beds, but a water gun?!! Hahaha. Happy shooting the cats! lol.

  6. Hi One,
    I bought the soil a few weeks back at RM1.58/packet!
    You have problems with your dogs? Well, good luck with your new containers!

    Hi Shida,
    Thanks, starting to clear the front. Penat-lah!

    Hi Diana,
    Looks like my front garden will be more like veggie garden instead of flowers! Will be keeping a few flowers first, see how it turns out and will add on more flowers later on.

    Hi Autumn Belle,
    Yes, very canggih indeed! :)

    Hi milka,
    I do not know how to use a drill, but pass me a water gun anytime! Ha! Ha!

    Thank you all. One of my pineapple heads which I planted yesterday, was out of the inner pot and pushed to the side, when I did my rounds this morning. Figure it out! :(

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