Friday, July 29, 2011

Curry Leaf Plant

This Curry Leaf Plant was cut at the main stem back in February when it was heavily infested by Tortoise Beetle. Six months since then, it has now bounced back and  has 5 clusters of flowers. This is a nice surprise as I did not expect the plant to flower so soon. On and off, I do find the Tortoise Beetle and managed to rid of them before they start to multiply.

Found these insects on the plant. Know what these are? 

There are about 6 to 8 black ones and only one red. Queen perhaps?  :)


Time for some little harvest

I can finally confirm that this is not a lemon tree, it is definitely lime! I don't mind, since I have always wanted to get a lime tree, now I have to get a lemon tree instead!

Harvested all three limes.

A bunch of San Choy (Malabar Spinach) leaves, harvested two days ago.

Happy Gardening


  1. Everything nice and green except for the pests!

  2. Wow, your tree is blooming well now. I'd love to have so many flower clusters but mine is not blooming yet. Those bugs looks like they are up to no good! So now the lemon became lime and not calamondin. So yours is limau nipis or limau kesturi?

  3. Those bugs gave me shivers. I like lime...very good for the health. Joyce your green harvest this month must have reduce some of your shopping $$$.

  4. I have never noticed that curry tree blooms. Hmmm.... The bugs look a little crappy. Seriously, they remind me of crabs! Look at those claws!

    Good to see your healthy limes and veggie. I have ample of lemons but I haven't been consuming them because they look strange. Must be the insects. I often buy lime from Tesco. I think each lime only cost 3 sen. But I still don't see spring onion. :)I just received a SMS that XXL prawns are on offer.

  5. Oooh,,curry leaf can flower-kar? My 2 curry leaf plants are stunned. I'm already craving for curry leaf fried rice :(
    So the ?? has finally revealed... it's a lime and not a lemon tree! I think mine is also the same (kena tipu pulak..). Maybe the nursery owner don't know how to differentiate also. Mine bears no fruit yet :((

  6. I wanted to stop in and see how your beauties were doing :) Gorgeous curry leaf...the insects, I do not know what they are but they scare me :(

  7. Hi Keats,
    Yup, the pest provide some contrasting colours!

    Hi Autumn Belle,
    The lime turned out to be limau nipis. Would love to have a pot of lemon tree now, will have to go look for it when I'm free!

    Hi Diana,
    Everything is so expensive nowadays! I saw from Tesco, a bunch of spring onions, I guess about 200gm cost RM3.99! I have not bought ever since I planted them myself, definitely a cost saver!

    Hi One,
    Funny, when I posted the pictures of the bugs, lobster came to mind! Haha! I don't often buy lime, mostly lemons, use a lot of lemons in baking and cooking. Did not buy any prawns from Tesco, as my daughter has some skin rashes at the moment, got to keep away from seafood for the time being!

    Hi milka,
    I agree with you, I think the nursery operators did not even know the difference!

    Hi Alisha,
    Thank you for stopping by! Yes, the bugs is really creepy! They seem to like the curry leaf plant!

  8. I love the artistic arrangement of veggies, either assembled by Nature or by people. The bugs are harmless by the look of them, but judging by the number, males will fight for a lovely Queen!