Tuesday, July 5, 2011


First of all, I would like to apologize for not visiting all your blogs these few weeks! I'm not being a very good bloggie friend! I'm ashamed to admit that I am hiding myself in self-pity as far as my garden is concerned. I am really disappointed at how my plants turned out. Two of my favourite plants that was growing really well, suddenly decided to stop growing, for whatever reasons, I do not know.

Two Long Beans plants, back in May

Beautiful, long beans growing 

I only managed to harvest about a dozen beans before....

Both plants dried up!  Sudden, isn't it?
I was so disappointed and upset that it took me two weeks later before I could bring myself to clear this!
 : o(

The place is now vacant, waiting for the next occupant! It was so disappointing, plants do die in the end, but I only had about a dozen beans! Strange isn't it? 


Next, my prized tomatoes, the one plant (besides chilli)  that I have never succeeded in growing until now!

I think these tomatoes are just beautiful! Their shape is long and I do not know the name of this tomato.
I just planted the seeds from some cherry tomatoes that I ate.

These tomaotes are really juicy, crunchy and sweet, really delicious! These are from one plant, which only yields about two dozen tomatoes. The plant is in the "process" of drying up now! This plant is in a pot at my back kitchen garden. Originally, I have six of these plants, five of which I planted in pots at my front garden, have all wilted and died after hundreds of flowers, but no fruits!

The thought about planting these tomatoes again really drains me out! These plants are huge and need lots of space and supports. So I'll be trying some other varieties which my sister gave me (she bought it from UK). which will not need any supports and suitable for container growing. Crossing my fingers that these will germinate! Otherwise, I'll just keep on growing kangkung and spring onions, at least I have constant supply from these two faithful veggies!

Happy Gardening!


  1. Both things happened to my plants long beans and cherry tomatoes too. I think they have an expiry date? Ive replanted them since, so Im harvesting long beans again! They are so easy to grow and easy to die!

  2. Oh dear! I konw how frustrating this can be! I have face the same problem too with peria and petola and.....etc...!...sigh....
    Anyway cheer up and keep growing them! it's part of life! Life isn't so smooth and beautiful afterall !

  3. Maybe some disease or bugs that made your beautiful plants like that. Pretty tomatoes.

  4. It is strange indeed. Most tomato varieties here are indeterminate, meaning that they just keep growing, producing new shoots. Determinate tomatoes grow, ripen the fruits then die. That said, my only tomato (indeterminate) shows some shoot drying but new shoots just keep replacing them. Most drying happens during this hot season so you should keep them watered well.

    About the long beans, hmm it is hard to say but I think they were under attack of some creatures or diseases. If you have kept it well watered, then it could have been the external factors. If you haven't it could have simply been a result of negligence (but I doubt that). Another thing I could think of is that one of the major branch has snapped, cutting water supply to the minor branches (happened to me once). This might have happened under weight, or impact, or just name it.

    I think you should give them another try...don't give up just yet :)

  5. Don't despair, my dear friend. I have the same problem with my vegies. I always say to myself the vegies are so delicious, the bugs like them too. I'm sorry I have been slow in commenting due to workload lately. Wishing you lots of good luck with your new batch of plants.

  6. It happens to my plants too sometimes, growing so well and suddenly dried the next day and mampoi just like that.
    I only successfully grow tomatoes once, i wish i can have big harvest like yours again.
    Eh,... why so many people went UK? Same person or what??!

  7. Your tomatoes made up for the beans... not too bad...

  8. Hi everyone,
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind words and advice. I will definitely have to try again!

  9. what a cute tomato, longish ones. Probably you wanna try tupsy turvy method in growing tomatoes.