Saturday, July 23, 2011

The weather has been so hot these few weeks that I have not done any gardening until two days ago. Weeds have been growing in most of my pots, and they are the ones that are most happy with the hot spell. Besides frequent watering, I have stayed away from gardening until two days ago when the weeds became unbearable!

This pot of mint leaves  has wilted and died, and I left the pot in a corner two months ago, forgotten all about it, to my surprised found new sprouts and leaves growing. I transferred the pot where it can get full sun and now it is growing well. 

Sweet Basil plant which I bought many months ago have wilted and died, and now I find the baby plants sprouting in many of the pots with other plants. Transferred two baby plants into the foam container about four weeks ago and they are growing well, behind these two are another two tiny plants which I just transferred two days ago. Found a few more baby plants and have planted those in other pots as well. Very soon I will have enough of leaves for my cooking pot! So happy just thinking about it, can't wait!

I bought some San Choy (Malabar Spinach) for a vegetable dish, and planted the stems about a month ago, many leaves have grown since then, and soon it will be harvest time!

Another round of harvest of spring onions, which I planted almost three weeks ago. 

Harvested my chives!

Happy Gardening!


  1. Nice site. Your vegetables look terrific. Been harvesting quite a bit of my own. Following you now and it'd be great if you stopped by.
    Ohio Outdoors

  2. Why do weeds grow MUCH faster than our plants? :D

  3. Your garden seems to be doing well in this heat. I'm sure you have been diligently watering them. I had a lot of mint at one time but most of them have disappeared. I wonder why they are called invasive. I thought mint are short lived. What do you cook your basil with? I have a lot of Thai Basil.

  4. You always have herb seedling popping out from your containers! Nice spring onion harvest.

  5. Malabar spinach? Look so fresh!
    Good herb garden !

  6. The spinash look so fat wor. New species? Havnet seen this before. You planted your spring onion 3 weeks ago and is already time for harvest. I planted mine like more than 6 months ago and have just harvest them. So little :( Left one in the bed, very sayang to pull all out ma...

  7. I only can imagine such a good smell over there:=)

  8. You do have a good harvest of vegetables. Your family 'bertuah-lah' with a mom who gardens and cooks and practices healthy living.