Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Visitor...and Some Harvests

I have a very cocky visitor a couple of weeks ago. This cockerel came from nowhere, just out of the blue, I saw it at my backyard, never seen it before! It "stayed" over at my backyard about a week and my neighbour's son caught it, brought it to somewhere else and have not seen it since. Now why would he do that?

This cockerel does not like cats! I have seen it chased away the cats from my backyard a couple of times, much to my delight! The cats ran with their tails between their legs!!!  Whenever the cats came near, it will chase them away! Remember, my neighbour who has eight cats that was annoying me? Her son does not like what this cockerel is doing to his beloved cats, and the cockerel even poo over at their back yard, sounds familiar, right? 

One afternoon while I was in my kitchen, I saw her son chased after the cockerel and finally managed to catch it. He carried it away (I do not know where), and this cockerel has not been seen since. Should I get a cockerel and rear it at my back yard? ....  hmmm   :)  The cats do not poo as often as before, because I covered my unused pots, but the smell from their backyard is yucks! Two of my neighbours have complained about the stench, but what can we do?... sigh! Perhaps we should do exactly what he did to the cockerel? 
Give him a taste of his own medicine? ... just a thought!

Time for some harvest :

Harvested all the spring onions. Planted some new ones again. 

Garlic greens! I planted some garlic bulbs for the greens. Since it was successful, I have sowed another two pots of bulbs. Looking forward for the greens to use in my cooking. The ones above, I used them for my omelette. I will try to leave a few plants and see whether can I actually get any garlic bulbs from them, which I really doubt so. My main purpose is actually for the greens. 

Harvested my kangkung, goes into my Nasi Goreng Kampung! 

Happy Gardening!


  1. Very seldom we see or hear cockerel nowadays, except maybe in the kampung, it must have got lost and found your home.Do you think it ended up in your neighbour's pot? Anyway, your green harvest are not bad, time to harvest my own spring onions too. I love to put them in my curry, soup, omelette and masak kicap!

  2. Well he must have been a cockerel-gardener who had heard of your famous blog and wanted to be part of it! :D

  3. Oh I would have keep that cockerel as a pet, since it chase away big pest and would eat the smaller pest as well. Nice harvest. I wish for some kangkung now.

  4. Cockerel? I seldom see them now!
    I think you can rear one too! hhahhaa....
    Nice harvest!

  5. Maybe you can complain to the Majlis Bandaraya about the smell of the cats' poo from your neighbours. Woo, i can smell it from here too!

    My daughter has 2 little chics that are now so big that i'm going to give away, we don't have a place for them. My dog will 'eat' them. So sad.

    How long do you plant the onion until harvest? How come mine are growing so slow??? It has been more than 6 months liow...

  6. I hope the cockerrel didn't end up in somebody's stomach. I have seen people rearing cockerel in the city. I even have a neighbour who has a specially trained (by an Indonesian guru) cockerel with beautiful shiny feathers that is treated like a pet/member of the family. This cockerel stays inside the house, shares a room and sleeps with the youngest son!

  7. Oh wow the kangkung for nasi goreng... good idea! :-D

  8. I laugh at your cocky friend statement. You should rear one for the following reasons :

    1) Get rid of garden pests.
    2) Deter cat poop.
    3) Free organic fertilizer.
    4) Irritate your neighbour.
    5) Interesting cocky stories.

  9. It's really a battle of wits with the neighbour. Keeping a cockerel as pet should help... at least to provide some equilibrium in the neigbourhood. Your kangkung and daun bawang look GOOD!

  10. this ayam jantan so cute. oooppss..i better not say it is cute or else i will have no heart to eat chicken anymore ! wah....plenty of harvest! the kangkung looks fresh!!

  11. Nice blog and it might be interesting to see him around all the time. I am your new follower and would love for you to come by and follow back.
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