Monday, June 14, 2010

Ladies Fingers

The flowers of the ladies fingers is really pretty. I love to look at the delicate yellow petals contrasting againt the dark maroon centre. Looking at it, you won't know that it belongs to a vegetable.

One pretty flower five days ago.

The pretty flower turned into a pretty ladies fingers. This picture was taken 3 days ago. Another flower is blooming on the other side. Two more buds are growing!

Couldn't resist taking another shot!

This was taken this morning. The first ladies fingers can be harvested very soon! The second one will be about 3 days after that! Couldn't wait!

I'm going to harvest the first ladies finger maybe tomorrow, where it will be at its best, young, tender and juicy. But what am I to do with only one??? Maybe I'll keep it when I harvest the second one few days later. But then, it's only two. Doesn't matter, will cook it anyway and serve it as homegrown vege ! Wow, fantastic isn't it ??? My second plant is flowering now. I'm going to have more ladies fingers coming soon! Couldn't wait!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Unwanted Guests

Found some unwanted guests in my potted garden !

This cute little grasshoppers has been eating the leaves of the ladies fingers plant and lime plants. I have caught over 30 of them and there are still a few more lurking around.

This little one is enjoying the lime leaves!

Found many little beetles on the leaves of my bitter gourd plant. Could this be their larvae? Many of the leaves are eaten with a "spider web" look. How do I get rid of this beetle? I'm avoiding the chemical spray in my garden.

Couldn't recognize this insect. Whatever it is, I think it is up to no good, at least where the leaves are concerned !