Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Growing Garlic Greens

Have you tried garlic greens before?  I sowed the cloves for the garlic greens, which I use in stir-fry dishes, noodles and pasta. 

Garlic greens are easy to grow. Firstly you will need some garlic cloves, just take some from your kitchen basket or buy some from the market.

23/03/2012 : Place the garlic cloves in the soil, with sharp end pointing up. Choose the big, plump cloves.

Cover completely and water, may add fertilizer.

05/04/2012 : Sprouted garlic greens 

11/04/2012 : Looking good

16/04/2012 : When the plants reached about 12" in height, it is time to harvest for the greens. They will be young and tender. I once waited a couple of weeks longer, and the garlic plants turn yellow and wilted. So now, after doing some research from the internet, I know that once they reaches a height of 12", it is the right time to harvest for the greens.

My harvested garlic greens 

Looks like "mini leeks"!

The garlic greens are great in stir-fries and noodles dishes. If you have not tried planting these before, give it a try, you just need a pot with some soil and some garlic cloves from your kitchen!

Happy Gardening !!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Update on Turmeric Plant

An update on my turmeric plant. I harvested all of my turmeric in early February, in my previous post here , and replanted some rhizomes for starting over. Less than two months later, the turmeric plant is thriving well and a new young plant has started to sprout from the rhizomes roots.

Turmeric plants. These are two separate plants with separate rhizomes which I replanted about two months ago. Seems to be growing well, such a pleasure to see this from my kitchen window.  :o)

My never-ending supply of spring onions! I have received a couple of emails regarding my post "How I Plant Sprouted Onions" which I posted back in September 2011. It is wonderful to know that the tutorial has helped a number of home gardeners to achieve the maximum harvest of spring onions from their onions. Thank you for reading my tutorial and for letting me know that it has worked for you too! 

Harvested some of the spring onions, and made some ....

Ham, spring onions and cheddar buns. I use sandwich ham for these buns. Chicken Sandwich Ham can be bought from any supermarket. These buns are really soft, fluffy and tasty.  The spring onions may be replaced with chives from your garden. If you would like to try out these buns, you may get the recipe over at my kitchen, here. Happy baking and enjoy your buns!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy Gardening!