Sunday, December 14, 2014

Kai Lan

I sowed some Kai Lan seeds a few weeks ago, and tiny seedlings began to appear on the third day. I guess I sowed too many seeds, and got to thin out the seedlings as they are very close together. The packet says it is the Hong Kong Kai Lan variety.

at 21 days
I transferred some of the seedlings to this container.

 32 days
This is the container which I sowed the seeds in. After I thin out  and transferred most of the seedlings, there are 8 left in their original place. One later wilted.

38 days
They were growing rather slow at first..

 45 days - harvest day! 
in just a space of one week later, they really grew!
The leaves are huge, but I can tell by touching the leaves and the stems, they are young and firm, just right for picking! I could leave them a little longer and let them grew a little more, but I was really impatient to taste my kailan! :)

My kailan harvest. 

I harvested them this evening and these are stir-fried with lots of garlic, so good! Very tasty. I can taste the difference from the ones bought from the market, homegrown is so much yummier. The leaves and stems are young and tender. I should grow more of these! 

The rest of the kailan are rather slow in growing, and they are from the same batch of seeds that I sowed 45 days ago! I guess that this container did not get the morning sun, as the other container did. I placed them in different areas at my front porch, due to space limitation. This container only gets the mid-morning to late afternoon sun. I need to reorganize the positions of my vegetable containers, but it is a headache with so limited space.

I cut the stems a few inches from the base. The purplish part close to the soil, is the hard and woody stem, the green part above it, the young and tender stem. Hopefully there will be new side shoots soon. Keeping my fingers crossed.

My spring onions, which I have fully harvested last week. Photo was taken weeks earlier. Cannot get enough of these, I love spring onions! Of course, there's another new batch growing! :)

Happy Gardening !

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Water Jasmine Bonsai

This plant "belongs" to my hubby. I help to water it though! haha! It is flowering right now, with pretty dainty white flowers all over, such a pretty plant to look at. 

 The flowers have a lovely fragrance. I could smell it whenever I pass by, really nice.

It is attracting lots of bees, spotted about a dozen bees busy circling round the plant, stopping at the flowers, going to the next when they had their fill!

I'm sharing this post with Garden Tuesday @ Sidewalk Shoes

Happy Gardening!