Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Pictures!

More pictures taken at National Science Centre

Monday, June 13, 2011

Kiasu Fun 2, more butterflies!

Butterflies at National Science Centre.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kiasu fun !

My family went to the National Science Centre and among the dinosaurs and science information, there is a small butterfly garden, which is a nice surprise. Took some pictures and learn some interesting facts. Finally I get to join in the kiasu gang, (Hi, One!) , thought I missed the boat, and happy to see another kiasu post at Onenezz!

Pretty butterfly.

The eggs

The caterpillar or larva, feeding and growing stage

The chrysalis (pupa), the stage where the caterpillar tissues are broken down and the adult structures are formed. 

These are empty, the butterflies have flown away.

Beautiful colour of gold, but surprisingly, the butterflies from these pupa are blue, as I was told.

The different colours, shapes and sizes of the pupas.

The small cage where they keep the pupas. Looks like earrings for sale from afar!

This photo was taken from the butterfly garden, under the leaf of a plant, looks very familiar.....

This photo was taken from my garden, I did a post on it on May 14th, Strange Creature . Now the mystery is solved, I think that this is the pupa of a butterfly. I saw it crawled itself up on the leaf of my yam plant and finally settled itself upside down under the leaf.  The beauty of nature!

More butterflies pictures coming up in next post!  Being kiasu once, is not enough!  :)