Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hello again!

It has been eight months since my last post! On most part, I have been lazy at updating my blog, since I sometimes post some photos over at my Little Potted Garden facebook page. Here are some photos of what I have been growing and harvesting for the past few months.



Kale, the last few leaves, plant died after many harvests!  I have no success in growing this wonderful veggie again, still trying though!

 More daikons...and leaves are excellent in soups, love it!

 My 15 plus year-old belimbing tree, fruiting heavily. Fruits are especially big during this rainy season.

So many fruits! These were given away to happy recipients! 😊

 My seedless guava. They were crisp, juicy and sweet! I managed to get about 8 fruits. Just noticed that the plant is flowering again. Yay!

Petola/Ridged Gourd...we love these. The plant has since died and it's place is taken over by long beans. Will update on the long beans plant soon.

Can you see the fruits in the soil? Do you know what these are?

Water Chestnuts!
These are water chestnuts! Yes, we can grow them in our home garden. I actually grew them last year but did not get around to post it up.  It took about 9 months to finally harvest them. It is a good experience, but one that I would not want to repeat again. Much easier to just buy them from the market. I grew them because I was really curious and wanted to see whether can they be grown in our home garden. Well, they can!  I'm so glad that I gave a go at growing them! 

Happy Gardening !