Friday, July 29, 2011

Curry Leaf Plant

This Curry Leaf Plant was cut at the main stem back in February when it was heavily infested by Tortoise Beetle. Six months since then, it has now bounced back and  has 5 clusters of flowers. This is a nice surprise as I did not expect the plant to flower so soon. On and off, I do find the Tortoise Beetle and managed to rid of them before they start to multiply.

Found these insects on the plant. Know what these are? 

There are about 6 to 8 black ones and only one red. Queen perhaps?  :)


Time for some little harvest

I can finally confirm that this is not a lemon tree, it is definitely lime! I don't mind, since I have always wanted to get a lime tree, now I have to get a lemon tree instead!

Harvested all three limes.

A bunch of San Choy (Malabar Spinach) leaves, harvested two days ago.

Happy Gardening

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The weather has been so hot these few weeks that I have not done any gardening until two days ago. Weeds have been growing in most of my pots, and they are the ones that are most happy with the hot spell. Besides frequent watering, I have stayed away from gardening until two days ago when the weeds became unbearable!

This pot of mint leaves  has wilted and died, and I left the pot in a corner two months ago, forgotten all about it, to my surprised found new sprouts and leaves growing. I transferred the pot where it can get full sun and now it is growing well. 

Sweet Basil plant which I bought many months ago have wilted and died, and now I find the baby plants sprouting in many of the pots with other plants. Transferred two baby plants into the foam container about four weeks ago and they are growing well, behind these two are another two tiny plants which I just transferred two days ago. Found a few more baby plants and have planted those in other pots as well. Very soon I will have enough of leaves for my cooking pot! So happy just thinking about it, can't wait!

I bought some San Choy (Malabar Spinach) for a vegetable dish, and planted the stems about a month ago, many leaves have grown since then, and soon it will be harvest time!

Another round of harvest of spring onions, which I planted almost three weeks ago. 

Harvested my chives!

Happy Gardening!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Visitor...and Some Harvests

I have a very cocky visitor a couple of weeks ago. This cockerel came from nowhere, just out of the blue, I saw it at my backyard, never seen it before! It "stayed" over at my backyard about a week and my neighbour's son caught it, brought it to somewhere else and have not seen it since. Now why would he do that?

This cockerel does not like cats! I have seen it chased away the cats from my backyard a couple of times, much to my delight! The cats ran with their tails between their legs!!!  Whenever the cats came near, it will chase them away! Remember, my neighbour who has eight cats that was annoying me? Her son does not like what this cockerel is doing to his beloved cats, and the cockerel even poo over at their back yard, sounds familiar, right? 

One afternoon while I was in my kitchen, I saw her son chased after the cockerel and finally managed to catch it. He carried it away (I do not know where), and this cockerel has not been seen since. Should I get a cockerel and rear it at my back yard? ....  hmmm   :)  The cats do not poo as often as before, because I covered my unused pots, but the smell from their backyard is yucks! Two of my neighbours have complained about the stench, but what can we do?... sigh! Perhaps we should do exactly what he did to the cockerel? 
Give him a taste of his own medicine? ... just a thought!

Time for some harvest :

Harvested all the spring onions. Planted some new ones again. 

Garlic greens! I planted some garlic bulbs for the greens. Since it was successful, I have sowed another two pots of bulbs. Looking forward for the greens to use in my cooking. The ones above, I used them for my omelette. I will try to leave a few plants and see whether can I actually get any garlic bulbs from them, which I really doubt so. My main purpose is actually for the greens. 

Harvested my kangkung, goes into my Nasi Goreng Kampung! 

Happy Gardening!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


First of all, I would like to apologize for not visiting all your blogs these few weeks! I'm not being a very good bloggie friend! I'm ashamed to admit that I am hiding myself in self-pity as far as my garden is concerned. I am really disappointed at how my plants turned out. Two of my favourite plants that was growing really well, suddenly decided to stop growing, for whatever reasons, I do not know.

Two Long Beans plants, back in May

Beautiful, long beans growing 

I only managed to harvest about a dozen beans before....

Both plants dried up!  Sudden, isn't it?
I was so disappointed and upset that it took me two weeks later before I could bring myself to clear this!
 : o(

The place is now vacant, waiting for the next occupant! It was so disappointing, plants do die in the end, but I only had about a dozen beans! Strange isn't it? 


Next, my prized tomatoes, the one plant (besides chilli)  that I have never succeeded in growing until now!

I think these tomatoes are just beautiful! Their shape is long and I do not know the name of this tomato.
I just planted the seeds from some cherry tomatoes that I ate.

These tomaotes are really juicy, crunchy and sweet, really delicious! These are from one plant, which only yields about two dozen tomatoes. The plant is in the "process" of drying up now! This plant is in a pot at my back kitchen garden. Originally, I have six of these plants, five of which I planted in pots at my front garden, have all wilted and died after hundreds of flowers, but no fruits!

The thought about planting these tomatoes again really drains me out! These plants are huge and need lots of space and supports. So I'll be trying some other varieties which my sister gave me (she bought it from UK). which will not need any supports and suitable for container growing. Crossing my fingers that these will germinate! Otherwise, I'll just keep on growing kangkung and spring onions, at least I have constant supply from these two faithful veggies!

Happy Gardening!