Thursday, February 9, 2012


I harvested my turmeric as the plant has matured and showing signs of wilting.

My healthy turmeric plant a couple of months ago. The 'nasi lemak makcik' has been receiving my turmeric leaves every now and then, she will be wondering why there are no more leaves from me now, but she still gets my belimbing! :)

My turmeric plant, picture taken last week! Time to harvest the turmeric and start again. Can you see the flower at the bottom?

Well, this flower did not bloom, it is sort of fading away! Time to harvest the plant.

The turmeric! So happy to see my homegrown turmeric! I started with just a small turmeric and see how much they have grown.

Cleaned and washed, about 800gm

Saved some for starting over. There's one with healthy young plant growing.

Into the container they went. Hopefully new shoots will appear in a few weeks time.

I use the turmeric and the leaves for my chicken rendang that I brought for a potluck party last week.

Yummy and fragrant!

Another round of harvest from my Malabar Spinach plants.

Happy Gardening !