Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Daikon is one of my favourite root veggie. I love it any way it is cooked. And absolutely delicious when pickled! I sowed six daikon seeds a few months ago, and I'm left with four, two plants were mysteriously snapped off at the stems (looks like it happens pretty often in my potted garden! remember my chilli plants?). That's not all, last week I transferred one cucumber seedling to a bigger pot which I placed at my backyard, the very next day, that plant was snapped off too, leaving only the stem! Any idea why? Could it be the birds, it could not be the cat! Or maybe garden snails? I don't know!

 Four daikon plants sharing a container.

Makes me smile whenever I see this at my mini front garden, counting the days to harvest, and I finally did!

Admiring it before harvesting! haha!

There, my small harvest! So happy! Into my cooking pot, as Daikon Soup, including the leaves and stems. So yummy! Did you know that the leaves are very nutritious. Usually when I buy daikons from the market, I would discard the leaves, as they are usually already wilted and not fresh-looking. But with homegrown daikons, you can cook both the greens and the root. Pesticide-free! 

Right now, I have a few daikon seedlings growing, looking forward to my next harvest in a few months time.

Happy Gardening!