Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another Visitor!

It has been two months since my last post! How can that be? Time passes by real fast especially when one is busy and occupied with various tasks. Though I have kept my cooking blog active, it has been on the slow pace over at my garden. Sad to say, I have neglected my potted garden and it really, really shows. On top of that, the rainy weather is not making it any better! Most of my veggie plants have died, and the pots have been left idle for the past two months. The only plants that seems to be growing well with continuous supply are the Spring Onions and Malabar Spinach! Well, I've got a lot of work to do now! 

I had a visitor, two months ago actually. It was a dog, and a smart one at that!

Found this cute dog, he belongs to one of my neighbours, did not know it's name, I shall just call him "Brownie", since he IS brown! He was resting at my back garden one morning. How come he's over there? His owner must have left him over at their backyard. There is no way out for him except through the front door, and in order to do that he must go through the kitchen door, right into the house and out the front door. Both sides of  our backyard lane are gated and no way this dog can get through the grill. So obviously, his owner wants him behind at the backyard. He is usually being let out loose over the frontyard, but not that day. 
No idea why, but I just grabbed my camera and took a picture of him, maybe he looks cute!

A few moments later, I was at my kitchen sink, which is next to the grill of my kitchen entrance. Brownie suddenly showed up at the grill, with his two front paws up and was looking at me whining... well obviously, he wanted to go outside to the front of the house.

I told him, "Sorry Brownie, obviously your owner wants you behind, not outside! Go home and whine at your owner's kitchen door, but wait, let me take a picture of you first!" Hahaha!   He went away for a few minutes and came back again, whining! My guess is, my door was the only one opened at that time, and he already knows me, as sometimes I gave him some food to eat. He went away again after a couple of times.

He walked away....

and decided to rest after all the whining!

Some ten minutes later, I was at my backyard clearing my messy backyard. I found a dead cat already decaying in between my pots at my backyard a few days earlier! It was really stinky and I had to close my kitchen door and windows for three whole days until the smell disappeared. My hubby had to do the dirty job of disposing the dead cat. No idea whose cat that was, it was beyond recognition, just a mass of grey fur and maggots! All the pots was placed to a corner when my hubby cleared the dead cat. So I was busy clearing my pots, and did not notice that Brownie had already went into my kitchen, as the door was wide open. I heard a whining sound and saw him standing in my kitchen, looking at me!

I, of course immediately went to him, he then went into my house, right to the front door, me following him from behind! He could not get out as it was locked. Look at him! How he wanted so much to go out, he turned to look at me, as though asking me to open the door for him! And I did! Out into my porch he went, and there's another gate! He stopped and looked at me again! I opened the latch and he ran off, happy!

Now that is one smart dog! I heard that Brownie's owner may be moving away soon, so I guess I won't be seeing him around when they do move! Meanwhile, I still see him around, and he would come near sometimes when he sees us, and sometimes even takes his afternoon nap next to my car!