Friday, May 24, 2013

My Golden Harvest!

I have harvested my Yan Kee pineapple!

My Golden Harvest!

First spotted the little fruit on 21st January 2013

Photo taken on 4th February 2013

The many flowers that makes up a whole fruit.

Signs of ripening, 14th May, 2013

Beautiful golden yellow, fully ripe, 17th May, 2013

My Golden Harvest !!

This Yan Kee pineapple is extremely sweet and juicy! It has a light coloured flesh and the juices are oozing out as I sliced the fruit! The fruit is not as big as the one I bought, but then it is really worth the long wait! Pineapple plant is so easy to grow, they are really fuss-free and do not need much attention at all. Occasionally, I would feed with some organic fertilizer, and leave them as they are, they grow really well even in very hot condition. I have some other pineapple plants growing at the moment, of different varieties, will share on another day. Meanwhile, try to find one of these Yan Kee pineapples, enjoy the fruit and plant the crown in a pot, put it in a corner where it can get lots of sun, and you shall be rewarded with a juicy and sweet pineapple! But you have got to be very patient, it's along wait, about 15-16 months!


Update on my previous post, as pictured below :

Thank you to everyone on the feedback of this weed known as Plaintain or Plantago Major. I have completely forgotten about this plant, until I've read from some of your comments (Autumn Belle, Stephanie, Stiletto, Sowie, The Novice Gardener, Lrong, Anonymous, Louise) that these plants have medicinal value especially for kidney and urinary systems. I instantly remembered then, that I sowed the seeds almost half a year ago! I should really take some ginkgo biloba for memory booster! (Knock my head!)

Here's the "story" (smiling sheepishly) :
The seeds was given to me by a lady whom I saw harvesting the plants sometime last year. I was curious and asked her about it as I have never seen this plant before. She then told me that it is good for urinary system and that she's harvesting it to boil with some barley. She then gave me a long stem of flowers for me to take home and sow. To me the flowers are still "green and young" and there are no seeds visible. I was sceptical that it would grow and when I reached home, I just scattered the flowers in one of my empty pot, and that was about November last year! Seeing that nothing sprouted after about many, many weeks, I threw into the "vacant pot" some other vegetable seeds which had already past their expiry dates. I was clearing my stock of seeds and instead of throwing the expired seeds away, I just threw them into that vacant pot. So when these Plaintain starts to sprout, which I have completely forgotten about in the first place, I began to wonder on the young sprouting plants. They definitely do not look like veggie, yet do not look like just any weed! So my curiosity got the better of me, and start to look for more info from the internet and finally post it in my blog, hoping that maybe some of you may recognize it. And you did! Thank you so much for your help! 

Who would have thought that it took almost five months for the "seeds" to sprout! But then I'm glad that they finally did!  

Happy Gardening !